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Oct 2, 2004
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What can I paint's white areas seem to be a little pink but the doofus won't stand in the shaded areas of the pasture - we have a large area (16x20) that is shaded from 12- sunset and he and my other would rather stand at the gate or next to the minis pasture. Our new run in will be done this week so hopefully he will stand in there.

Just wondered what to do about that...
Get the human childrens "Water Babies" sunscreen and slather it on his exposed pink skin areas twice a day -- morning and afternoon EVERY DAY.

That's all you can do at this point unless you have the ability to stall him during the sunny times of the day.

I am not sure how much of his body you are talking about. I most often associate sunburnt white as being on the head area of the horse. On my horses that get sunburnt noses, I get some Aloe (I prefer fresh off the plant, but if you don't have an aloe plant, then get 100% pure aloe gel) and put on the burnt areas just before it gets dark. This will help relieve any pain and help it to heal. I don't like to use Aloe in the middle of the day as I would be afraid it would help to intensify the sun's effects while it was soaking in to the skin.

And do like MA said! Sunscreen on his white spots!
Water Babies is good, and so is Baby Faces!!!

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