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Dec 18, 2002
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IF anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

This shetland mares Registered name is MHPF Cats Little Catera ASPC 153550A.

I believe her sire and dam are Town & Countrys Cadillac and SMHC's Black Onyx.

Could someone do a pedigree lookup and if anyone knows anything about her sire or dam or ancestors that would be great. Im going to see her soon in person. Thanks, Jen
sire side

Town & Country's Catillac out of Georgetown's Tom Cat out of Georgetown's Cisco Kid

sires dam Red Rock Kids Haughty Lady out of Kid Lee out of Haughty Lady Lee

Dam's Side:

SMHC's Black Onyx out of J-J's Painted War Chant's Showdeo out of J-J's Painted Apache

out of C&S Black Gold out of Lust's Imperial Onyx out of Tracy of Milfred Farm

Current owner: Wayne or Betty Bair

Breeder: Debbie Maples

I don't now what MHPF stands for it is not a registered pre- or suffix.
Thanks for the info!!! So she has some well known horses in her pedigree I believe? Now to go see her in person

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