Spring and foals.........what could be better?

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Loess Hills

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Dec 5, 2002
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Sioux City, Iowa - on the Lewis & Clark Trail
After months of cool, gray spring weather, finally some warmth, sunlight, and green grass!

Finally able to let the "kids" out in the big North pasture for some play and fresh grass. Here's our first foal of the season, "Roller", now a month old, checking out the flora and fauna.

We had some little girls visiting who thought Roller looked like Cookies & Cream ice cream.........all swirly and chocolaty.........so now his nickname is "Cookie"!




He is a cutie Rose! And it sure looks like he was having fun and enjoying the sun! Nothing like watching the babies frolic to make your day.
Rose, he is sure a cutie and he would stand out in a pasture with all the color he has! If you show him this year I hope it is where I can see him. I notice too he still has a nice warm coat for the Iowa weather yet too! Can't wait to see him clipped! (like us you are probably waiting a while too!)

He's too cute!!

BTW, my Bobbi daughter is going to show with Frank next year as a 28" and under Senior Mare!
This little guy has the longest, heaviest foal coat I've seen. It must be 2-3 inches in length!

He was born April 4 when it was such a cool spring, so he was certainly prepared. Can't wait to clip him!!!!!

Oh, and another unusual thing is that he has blue-grey eyes. Not the bright blue of some, but a very noticable hue. Both parents have brown eyes. Go figure!

Stephanie - Isis looks just gorgeous! Is she 3 now? And what is her height? We sure hope Bobbi has another who looks like her!!!!
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He is so cute! Leave it up to kids to pick the darndest names! My gelding I bought was named by kids. Its Kirby.
Rose, Isis is three now, so will show next year as a four year old. I need to measure her, but I know she is tiny. She showed last year as 27.5", and I don't think she's grown any.

Send me pics of Bobbi's foal, I really love that mare. Good luck!

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