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May 27, 2004
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Subject: Horse Enquiry...

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 18:35:33 +0000


I will like to purchase some horses.I will like to know if you have any

horse for sale e.g STALLIONs etc.I will be happy to see pictures aswell


know the present cnditions,Health, Strenght and any other thing I need


know.I look forward to your reply.



Hmm.... to be honest I think this would be worth one answer- it does not follow the normal pattern of the tricksters- answer and see what you get- it might be a new friend!!!
I just got the same exact email....same person. I just responded by asking specifically what they were looking for so I could let them know if I have anything that would fit their needs...sounds like it potentially could be a scam to me.

Oh DARN- I always hope one of these is going to turn out to be genuine!!!
I just got that EXACT email about a half hour ago. I think it is a scammer, but answered anyway, not giving details other than saying all of my horses currently for sale can be found on mt webpage and sent the address of my site.
I just got that one too... I always answer saying...

"This e-mail has been forwarded to the proper authorities."

I'm getting a lot less of them these days.

Chris B.

Edited to say... the reason I am soooo quick to jump on these people is because I got taken for about $1500 about a year ago. Never again... I did a lot of research and learned what to look for. This is definately a scam. For more info on scams you can check out the Attorney General's website (I think that was the one)... they have lists of current scams to look out for.
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Well add me to the list. Got the same email. Only "she" didn't say she would privde shipping and pay with a cashier's check...guess that's in the NEXT email!

Will be interested to see if those of you who responded, get a reply!!!
Yep!! Me too. Just received the same email. I responded with giving her my website. I am like rabbitsfizz, I just hold out hope that one day just one would be genuine. But my thoughts on this one is scam, scam away!!
I should have read this thread earlier-- I got this exact same email too. Sounded like a scam to me as well, but I did answer and ask exactly what she was looking for and that more information is on my website and that I would answer any questions that she would have. I guess we'll see if any of us get replies, and if so, what those may be.
I got it too and ignored it.

I also got this one....the part about the son was a nice touch...

Subject: Central Maine-- 2 grey dun yearling mini donkeys:


How are you doing today,

I'm Bill Cheverton, mailing in interest on your item you have for sale, i would like you to know that i interested buying this item from you for my son.

So i wouldl ike you to mail me back with the details and your last offer (firm) including with the pictures as well.

Thanks as i await your mail .

Bill Cheverton

I ignored it.
Got that too today. Tossed it in the trash, no reply. God love'em, they're persistant beggers.
I got it too and thought it was a scammer. When they are too general I figure its a scammer. So I ask back a specific question like what breed horse are u wanting? The true scammers wont even be able to tell u that!!!
I received a similar note from some people in a foreign country about a month ago and took the time to answer them. They said that they had sent a note to ten other horse farms, and that I was the only person responded to their request. They have since come for a visit to the United States and bought sixteen horses from us because we took the time to answer them. The money is in the bank and the horses are in quarantine waiting to be shipped. There are nine other breeders who missed a golden opportunity, in my opinion.

There are certainly scammers out there, but the first indication is not always correct. Sometimes people write using a translator computer program and it is not very plain and might look suspicious, however, I make it a point to never write anyone off on the first contact, except one that tonight wanted to buy my cat. However, I did respond and told them that I had no cat for sale.

It's a hard call on whether it's a scam or not anymore......

I got one yesterday from a "Romeo" .....yep. That was his name. I wrote him off because he stated up front that he was paying with an international cashiers check and was arranging his own shipping.

He blew it right there. 1) He brought up the international cashiers check immediately.

2) His own shipper??? My husband is a shipper! And we state in our ad that we either do it at a major discount or for FREE! Duh.....

So Romeo is destined to die in my round file without his Juliet.

I got the exact same email and did respond. I told them to visit my website and see all the horses that are for sale. No response back at this point.

I generally respond to most of those type of inquiries, just on the off chance that it might be legit. However, when they come back wanting to pay with a cashiers check for more than the purchase price, that blows it right there.

Sounds like Tony is one of the lucky ones!

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