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Dec 2, 2002
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Have to say that I love my AMHA/AMHR horses.

I went driving Sunday and first hooked up a 31" mare and then hooked up a 34" mare. WOW what a difference. The 34" mare was so much nicer to drive. She covered ground a lot faster than the smaller mare. Makes me wonder if an even bigger horse might be better to drive.

Do you think the AMHR/ASPC horses are becoming more popular?
I think so, but...

Some of the greatest minis I know of were/are Classic Shetlands. Thing is, once breeders got them small enough, the tendency was to let the ASPC registry slide because they had no intention of ever making them bigger again. Hence, most of the AMHR / ASPC double regs out there now have only been small enough for R for a few generations. Nevertheless, there are still some VERY fine minis out there that have been bred down from Classic Shetland bloodlines in a means that maintains double registry. At times they do seem a bit more difficult to find, but they’re around.

It’s my hope that they do become more popular because ASPC can still be hard-shipped into AMHR and the confirmation of some Classic Shetlands is simply breathtaking.

Complimentary to that, multi-reg’ing a horse increases the number of people potentially interested in it. Everyone has their preference of what organizations they like to be a part of, so it's nice to give buyers and breeders more options. The number of double reg'd A/R horses on your web page tells me you already have a strong grasp on that marketing concept.

What I like about the AMHR / ASPC’s is that they give ya’ the option of breeding up or down in size, depending on what you feel is the best route to achieving your breeding goals.

Regardless of what I just rambled, the only thing that really matters is: “Do you like the AHMR / ASPC horses?â€
We ;pve the aspc/amhr horses we even have a couple that could be registered amha next year. We like the way they move and looks.
We want one so badly lol.

In fact we are changing our breeding program to go towards the B size minis. We are just tying to find the right stallion to do it. We want one that came originally from an ASPC background but small enough to be hardshipped into AMHR.

Iv'e seen Strass's mini thats ASPC/AMHR registered and I got to say thats the most gorgeous stallion that looks almost like an arabian

Heres one of the three AMHR/ASPC horses that we own. Buckeye WCF Tanchico. Lee showed him at Congress last week where he won reserve in Multi Color & Foundation Yearling Stallion. We've decided we don't need a stallion for 2 mares though so he will be for sale or gelded for our four grand kids............................. We've owned mini's since 86 & all of ours are A & R registered..... Lee prefers the R/ASPC now because it is easier for him to work with them (herniated disc). We will soon be down to 5 mini's as our R/Shetland herd seems to be growing. I have to say I prefer the looks (of the classics) & movement myself.
I definately want an AMHR/ASPC gelding to add to my show string! I am keeping my eyes open for one! jennifer

yes, i hope they continue to get more popular!
[SIZE=14pt]I have 4 and I adore them. I have one that will also be amha at 5 because at 2 he is still 32". For those that didnt know Gold Melody Boy, Charro of Arenosa, and Kewpies Monterey of Arenosa, some of the best known amha minis were Shetlands first. Also most dont know that FWF Blue Boy was orriginally bred by mr Tom Wilson of Ohio Pony farm and HE told me personally that BlueBoy was shetland thru and thru.[/SIZE]

Sweet Tart will be AMHA AMHR ASPC in 2008


We are expecting 2 aspc amhr foals in 2006 and we have three shetland mares that will be hardshipped AMHR next spring which will give us 5 double reg mares and two stallions. Our other minis are at least 75% shetland except for Bailey who is 50% hackney.

You can get the double reg at 34 and under. I think that when we tried to get smaler and not necessarily better horses in the past we lost alot.

I really like them. We don't have any, & I don't know if we'll ever afford to buy any, but we are breeding the taller B horses (our stalion, Ice Man, is 37" and our mares range from 36" to 37.75", with 2 being "small" at 34") and are getting some tall leggy upheaded foals with MOVEMENT--I believe they will be competitive with the ASPC/AMHR horses.

I just love the 36-38" horses for driving.
lyn_j said:
For those that didnt know Gold Melody Boy, Charro of Arenosa, and Kewpies Monterey of Arenosa, some of the best known amha minis were Shetlands first.

Add Rowdy to that list. I believe almost all of the Arenosa line were Shetlands. And of course the whole Buckeroo line is at least part shetland through Gold Melody Boy whom you mention.


When I was looking for my first mini, I told one of the big mini breeders that I would like to buy a few really top shetlands someday and breed them down to register AMHR ... was told I was nuts, there would never be a market. Decided to head that direction anyway, and I'm glad I did! I'm still just getting this phase of my breeding program underway, but hopefully in the next few years almost all of my horses will be AMHR/ASPC with as much Arenosa blood as I can find.

we just started our aspc/amhr herd this year. We are really excited about it!! I think they are the best of both worlds. And they are really gaining in popularity. It hasnt been easy for us to find the dble registered aspc/amhr horses but we keep hunting. We bought Ten L's Tigers Back in Black ASPC/AMHR foundation Shetland/miniature and HP Peaceable Star foundation classic shetland filly that we will hardship amhr when shes 3. Both have tons of arenosa behind them and are the "type" we like. We cant wait until back in black is weaned and we can bring him home!!
for me it isnt the papers it is the "look" of the ASPC/R horses i love. I have or will shortly a 75 percent arenosa stallion. He is what I want look wise but I cant afford to change out my core herd of mares for ASPC mares they are all R so while they wont have the papers they will hopefully get that competitive look
My preference is definitely toward the taller "B" minis, as well as the few smaller ones who achieve the leggy, refined, big-horse look, and I am now completely enthralled with Arenosa Shetlands. I'm holding out for the best -- when I can afford my ideal, double-registered Arenosas are what I will purchase and someday breed.

My tastes were honed recently when I watched Modern Shetland Liberty at the Evergreen show. I had never been crazy about the way they are shown and stretched, but seeing them running free literally took my breath away.

I agree with lyn...that breeding for small at all costs set Miniatures back, although conscientious breeding is overcoming this...I see more and more tiny ones with long legs and refined proportions. I like the philosophy of breeding a beautiful horse, with size as a secondary goal. But then, that's just me -- I like to look my horse in the eye!
Stephanie said:
Have to say that I love my AMHA/AMHR horses. 

Do you think the AMHR/ASPC horses are becoming more popular?


In one word --- YES.

I think its a good thing! double AMHR/ASPC have even seen AMHA/AMHR/ASPC that were very nice!
Just got my first ASPC/AMHR this year, she is stunning. I will definitely be building on what I have started with the B sized horses, but I don't want to get out of the mini range of 38" and under! I also have what I believe to be beautiful AMHA/AMHR horses, and will continue with them as well. Will not intentionally flirt with pushing that 38" envelope.
I have also gotten into the AMHR/ASPC family with

Rhapsodys Party Girl

She has the nice floating trot that I love to see. The height is also more "back friendly" when grooming her.



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