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Oct 2, 2004
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What is TOO cold for your donkey? Mine come in nightly when it is cold but I don't have a run in right now so I was wondering if there is a time she might not want to go out?
They get a pretty good hair coat and spend lots of time out in the cold and snow..But I have my sheds open as a run in aand out. and at night or in bad weather the donk does stay inside

My donkeys have a large run-in, enclosed completely in winter except for a "door" opening, but they still prefer to go in the barn at night once the weather gets in the low 20's. They do go out during the day, but even then..if its really cold out , they walk up to the door stick there heads out, bray a few times to the horses, turn around and head back to there stalls! They dont get the heavy winter coats our horses have. Corinne
It got down to 17 last night and I know they were happy to be in LOL

But I noticed and heard her yelling at about 4 when the wind picked up

I just adore that little girl so full of personality!!

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