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Sep 27, 2003
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Sparky had his debut show today at Bertrands Illinois Classic.

He was 2x res Jr Ch Foundation Stallion and 2 x res Gr Ch Foundation Stallion...

okay, there were only 2 Foundation classics at the show. He was good though for his first time out. A little freaky, but a good boy anyway. He was also 2x 2 amature classic, and 2x 2nd multi color classic, and 2x 1st in Liberty Classic (yes, only one horse in that class... but, he did a good show, and I was able to catch him easily, so it's all good.)

Only got one servicable pic, and it's a little blurry, but it helped me because I was as nervous as he was and wasn't sure he looked nice in the class. The picture made me feel good about how he looked, at least most of the time.

tami he looked soooooooo handsome you did a great job!!! i should have had russ take pics. I have a really funny one of him making faces that im going to post after i rest LOL You should be very proud of yourself and sparky.

Its really hard to show a shetland when your used to showing miniatures!
[SIZE=14pt]Guess my baby boy is all grown up now.... I cant make out the pic but Im sure he was fabulous! Why wouldnt he be??
I knew he would be a show horse before his whole self was out of his mom![/SIZE]


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