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Oh yeah baby 不不

Four on the floor is way better than that old truck we had with three on the tree! I could never figure out how to drive that one 不不

And these young whipper snappers have no idea what we are talking about! 不不不
I cringe when I have turn my Mini Cooper S, Turbo, (6 on the floor) over to a valet and they have to ask around to see if anyone can drive a stick! Crazy!
I know he aint a mini but..

Every single night, at the exact same time, one old guy gives another old guy some love! Dear old father in law, coming 81 yo, didnt grow up on a farm nor around horses, but every single night at the exact same time he gives Riffics, coming 24 yo, treats. And of course Riffics waits by the fence every single night at the exact same time 不不

I spy on them Here is a pic from my bedroom window 不不

I should really get a better pic! 不不

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