Soap on wood for chewing??

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Oct 2, 2004
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I think I saw this mentioned in a recent post but ofcourse can't find it

What kind can be used?

APache is bored and chewing
since he has to be in ALL daylight hours I want to detour this. I may give him more hay tomorrow...
Just non scented dish soap I belive.

I have also heard of useing tabasco sauce - painting that on the wood.

I myself used No Chew spray and that did the trick
I have every soap known to man in my bathroom that was purchased for that reason, not because we wanted to ensure our bodily cleanliness for all time.

None of it worked.

I even tried brown soap!

Mine love it.

They especially love Chew Stop, tobasco sauce, vinagar.....oh heck.....they aren't fussy, they love it all!
There are a bunch of things that are supposed to work. For me, chicken wire is the only way!
It lasts a long time, and NONE of them can chew it. With the soap, tabasco sauce etc. there will always be at least ONE gourmet horse who absolutely loves the stuff and chews anyway.
They start out of boredom and continue out of habit. Get the animals out on pasture to relieve the boredom. They will start again as soon as you stall them. Covering the surfaces with wire or metal will prevent the chewing. This vice will manifest itself in some cases to cribbing which has long term health consequences.

Might of been my post.

I use Zest on the edges of all wood. I really rub it on.

Oh, sure, some do a little nibbling, but as soon as I see any new spots I put Zest on it. Seems to stop it., or at least slow them down..LOL

In addition to finding stuff to stop his chewing.... He needs TOYS.

I take it there is a reason for keeping him indoors during the day? Such as -- a black horse needing to be out of the sun?

There are horsey balls of different sizes. A milk jug with the cap on and rocks inside. And the thicker rubber doggy toys found at either PetSmart or PetCo.

Sometimes tying a toy to the side of the stall with a lead and letting it dangle and bang around will attract more attention to it.

Good luck,

I tried all the soaps....didn't work. I tried tobasco and redhot...didn't work, they loved it. No Chew does work, but it wears off easily, you have to reapply alot. I put metal flashing on the spots they liked and that's the only thing that worked.

Note....mine are at pasture all day, have plenty of hay to last all day, have toys out the wazzoo and they still chewed.

also...I've heard some say that the horse who chews may be lacking some nutrient or something. I feed good feed plus give a supplement, one horse still liked to chew. It is just on one spot though. He can't chew it now because of the metal, but there are other places he could chew, but he doesn't....go figure
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Sump (car) Oil IS POISONOUS!!!!!! It will stop them chewing
A dead horse does not chew!! Seriously, the problem with sump oil is not when it does it's job, ie it stops them chewing- the problem is when it does not and they go on eating the oil drenched wood. Different horses react in different ways, so it will not affect all horses. I know of a full size horse that colicked and died of it.
Irish Spring soap has worked fairly well for me with semi-enthusiastic chewers. For something really determined, I use a product specifically made to stop wood chewing - either No Chew, Chew Stop, something like that. I had a couple of yearlings early this summer who were chewing the back of my barn (they are out in pasture 24/7, just stood in the shade backside of barn and exercised their teeth!!) I gave up and painted it, now I see teethmarks once in a rare while and repaint the top of the boards. Toys are a great idea for a stalled horse, just have to experiment and see what interests him. I see toys that have a place inside to hide a treat but always wonder if it wouldn't draw ants to it. Around here I think it would.

well i realize that not all horses can or should be out in pasture 24/7 and not all stalled have resorted to chewing or cribbing and yes some pasture horses who have always been pasture horses will chew or crib.

That said I to have used Irish spring with some success and you might want to try if you dont already use one a good mineral supplment.
For my wood chewers in the past nothing I tried rubbing the wood with worked. I tried soap, tabasco sauce...even mixed a little pepper in it...did'nt work. I bought No Chew, they went thru that like nothing. Only thing I found that worked short of covering my rails with wire was keeping their little active minds busy and keep them from getting bored. Plenty of hay, turn out in pasture or constantly rotating them so they were in a new venue. Thats what worked for me.