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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
Close to a couple months ago, I got excited when checking my Super 7 (Canadian Lottery) draw ticket. I got 5 out of 7, but it was only worth $202.00 and some change. Oh well, xt time, and keep on trying!

Other than that, I won $1000 many years ago on "Wintario" and was only one number away from the $250,000 main prize, and once I won a giveaway draw for an Arctic Cat Tiger Shark water "seadoo" type machine. I sold it for a few thousand, so I guess that is the best (luckiest) I have ever done.

Also, about 5 years ago, my sister won over $2000 on another lottery game, 6-49. She had gotten 5 out of 6, and the 6th would have given 2 million, but she ended up with only a couple thousand.

Well, on Saturday night's 6-49 draw, my Mom got 5 out of 6! She only got $1800+ and it makes you sick to think of the HUGE difference that ONE number can make! If she had gotten that one other number, she would have been sitting on $35 MILLION instead of that $1800 and some!
So I guess we'll keep on trying!! Sooner or later our ship's likely to come in, isn't it? [SIZE=18pt]NOT!!! [/SIZE] (but it's fun trying!
) In the past, she was lucky enough to win a car in a raffle, and she doesn't drive, so she sold it and paid what was left oweing on her home!

How about you? What's the most you've won coming close to a "big" win??

NOTE~ OOPS! Now THAT was embarrassing! I thought I posted it on the Back Porch! Thanks to whoever moved it. I went to move it but someone beat me to it. Thanks!
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Ah, variable reinforcement. For me, the odds of actually getting something worthwhile for my money (read: a lot more money than I play) just isn't worth it.
I usually don't buy lottery tickets....once in a long while I will. I did get one ticket for Christmas a few years ago and won $100.00. That is the most I ever won ever at anything.

Your family is very lucky. I think you all should keep trying. Sounds like someone will hit it sooner or later.
Mona, you and your Mom do alot better than I do. i never win anything on the Fla. lottery but I do buy the scratch off 2 and 5$ tickets almost daily and never win more than 100.00 and that was about 2 yrs. ago. Usually a free ticket or a couple of $$$.
I've never won a darned thing... Maybe it is preparing you guys slowly for 'The Big One'!!??
My first 'big win' was a TURKEY..a radio station would call telephone numbers randomly and if you could tell them what song was just playing you won a turkey..LOL..I listened to that radio station ALL THE TIME, till I won that turkey...

But, I did win a Rainbow Sweeper a few years ago..they are kinda pricey, so I guess that was a 'big' win. I kept telling everyone at the County Fair that I wanted to win it and to sign me up (they have a drawing for a free one every year)...and then I went EVERY DAY to sign up as well...seems it worked. I won!!!

I would say you guys are pretty lucky. With that kind of consistancy. I would say the big one is right around the corner.

We play from time to time but hardly ever even get one number right.

So unlucky are we.

Good luck next time.
I've never won anything in my life other than a free burger on a mcdonalds/burger king pull tab from the cup or fries. I'm very unlucky when it comes to that stuff. I occasionally will buy a lottery ticket, like maybe twice a year and that's it. I will do raffles when someone asks, for organizations. We go to the casino once or twice a year and it's only 40 minutes away. We do play Keno when we go to the bar/restaraunt...maybe 2-3 times a month. I sometimes break even but normally I just lose.

Better luck next time.
You're doing great with the lotto tickets. The most I ever won was $84.00....and I thought I was a big winner.

Unfortunately when I was pregnant I could win and everything.........but being 59 that "ain't" going to happen!!!
i've never won anything either. I always talk about what i'm going to do with my 36 million dollars when i win the loto, but then everyone reminds me that i have to buy a ticket in order to win.....I guess i'm just waiting for the right time lol.
I almost never play the lottery but for several years was an avid Bingo player. Won $1,000 one night and exactly a year later won $1,000 again. Bet you can all pretty well guess where I was the next year. LOL But it didn't run in 3s. Also won a $2,000 game on a trip to Arizona....had been trying all week and it was my last night there....but I finally hit it.
Well I have already won life's lottery. I live on a large (236) acreage with a husband I still love and enjoy spending time with after over 30 years together, my children are healthy and happy, apparently well adjusted young adults and I have a small herd of minis and the time to enjoy them as well as other pets that I love. What more could anyone want? Well .... maybe just to win a few million (I need enough to share with other family members
) 'sigh' dreams are what keep life interesting I guess but I am not one inclined to win at anything at all. Went to Vegas just to share our hard earned money with those casinos. Spent my daily limit in an hour and then went sight seeing.

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