Shooter and Donte`s day in our front yard Pics

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rockin r

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Jun 16, 2005
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In case your wondering....the lung line on mamma my husband is holding it.. They enjoyed their 15 minutes of soft ground.
We didn't have any rain for sooo long the grass dried up. So now we are introducing everyone back to grass 15 minutes a day. ALSO>>> I am having trouble trying to find a halter small enough to fit Shooter.
He is 3 weeks old and 21.5"...I "will not" put a rope halter on any of my horses, large or mini..Any info is much appreciated..I need to get him in a halter so I can get him used to a lead rope...Theresa

We just love these 2 babies to pieces!!!

Donte keeps looking back at her barn, not to sure what is going on..


Shooter, well he is just that..he is powering up then he shoots off like a rocket!!

What cuties
! Glad to hear you've got your grass back and good luck finding that halter!
Your babies are cuties! I might have one small enough you could borrow. Just holler!
Ozark mountains (they advertise on here) carries a foal halter small enough.Our kiddo was 20 inches and i fitted the halter to her real well. Shooter is a cutie !!

I have a teeny tiny one I bought (way too small for Willy) you may have it if you want to try. PM me.

Pictures are ust adorable
Have you contacted Debbie at PrimeDesign?

PrimeDesign developed the first newborn mini halter back in 1999 using their foal of that year for the model.

They use small nylon webbing and small hardware.

Email them and see if she has one in stock...I'm sure they do! Tell her I sent you!

[email protected]
Thanks for all the info...I will pm some of you and email prime design...I will call you Reo,,,Thanks...Theresa

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