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Black Magic

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Feb 19, 2004
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Ocala, Fl.
Never heard of one huh? They are stocky little doggies, that are short hair, fair size heads, the nicest disposition, and very smart, at six weeks they are nearly housebroken, (although they want to chew everything).

Here's the deal. We purchased an AKC registered American Staffordshire that was meant to be shown. Both her parents are AKC champions, she is a Blue Fawn color. She is the sweetest dog, not very large, she topped out about 40 lbs. Anyway, we accepted a Shetland Sheepdog that is also AKC, good bloodlines, etc. He was supposed to be snipped the very next day and guess what? He got to our Am Staff.

So now we have a new breed of puppys. Some are larger like her, and some are small like the Dad. The Mom goes about 35 lbs right now, since she had the puppies and the father is around 20 lbs, and very fast.

Just one breeding produced 12 puppies, two didn't make it. She had all of them in about 20 mins. The entire family was struggling to clear the airways and somewhere in between we lost one. Then we all went to bed and five hours later, she produced one more, that didn't survive.

So now, we have these ten adorable, sturdy as heck, puppies, that I need to find a home for. They are already used to horses. They were eating dry food at two weeks, and running around the yard at three weeks. (I've never seen puppies do that before). Our gelding loves them and they all rub noses and that sort of thing, but when they get bigger feeding this herd is going to be difficult.

I'm going to have to list them with Ocala 4 Sale, but if anyone is looking for an adorable puppy, we have them. Six are black and tan, and four are tan, with a little black. Ranger (we named them already) had a black striped down the middle of his back and a black tail, but he's all tan, except for that. So anyone needs a puppy... send them my way.

Their coat is very dense, thick, but short, so they don't do well outside in the heat. They have rolls of pudge around their necks and this fur and their build seems to hate the heat. They go out and potty every two hours right now, and don't have accidents in their crate. They do their business as soon as they get outside. At night, they sleep in a pen in our garage and some nights they keep things clean, other nights, they don't, but six hours is a long time for that many to behave themselves. If I take them out at midnight, they stay clean until seven a.m. so far this week.

Please help me, before I loose my mind . Hubby is in the Coast Guard and he said when I get home, NO MORE ANIMALS and oh.. the cat was left out and is preggers too!

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