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Jan 7, 2008
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Strathmore, AB CDN
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let all know how that scam with "Gary Connery" plays out. We received the exact same email that Mona had received and decided to go for a while and see what happens.

I sent an email (after the one confirming it was for his 21 year old son) that asked for a name address and phone number to put on the transfer papers. Quit shocking I received an answer with all the information, (Im sure that is fake) My husband decided that was enough and sent the following email

Hi Gary

I was wondering if you would like us to ship the horse along with all the others you have purchased or tried to in the last three weeks. It must be quite a few and we could save you a lot more on shipping if we dehydrated and canned her for you. Nice try but please quit wasting ours and many others valuable time with your petty scam. You have been exposed for what you are on a Miniature Horse Forum so you are wasting your time. Please refrain from any futher contact.

To which Gary actually replied,
obviously not reading any of the above. He state that is has been confirmed to him that I should have received the cheque, please check and confirm back to him. I did not reply and left it as done. Then Wednesday I received in the mail a CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Bank Draft in the amount of $5,800.00. This is almost 4 times the asking price of the horse. I looks totally legit. SO off to the RCMP station I go this morning, they even said the bank draft looks very real.


But to email him back, stating that I can not conclude the sale and where should I return the check and that I would not be signing or cashing this either. If I get a response to send it back to the address registered mail.


The constable gave me a website to check out. It is run by the RCMP and other law agencies to deal with phone and email fraud. Thought I would pass this on to all




My guess is that he can not understand much english. These e-mails are translated to the appropriate language, as I get them from Japan, the UK and elsewhere translated to English, but in some cases there is no correct translation and the e-mail ends up with a lot of broken English and sometimes hard to understand.

Since you responed back to him, he is assuming that you are in agreement to sell him the horse. Because he can not understand what you have written.

I have responded to these e-mails with: GET A LIFE!!!

I do not hear back from them after that.

Funny, but I have been getting a lot less e-mails lately from the scamers too.
Wow, good luck and keep us posted. That's pretty funny that they replied that a check was sent to your response! I can assure you the check is bogus and they will probably give you either no answer on where to return it to (after all, they didnt even respond to the dehydration idea) or they will give you another bogus address.

Any postmarks or anything where it came from? This is their typical thing... they send you a check much bigger than your price, you deposit it and return the extra to them, and the check bounces. You get stuck holding the bag but in the length of time it takes, they have already cashed YOUR return check for the extra.

I wouldn't tell them you are not selling the horse, but where you are supposed to send the money to? Can't they set up a sting - even if it's at the bank on a direct transfer or something?? SOMEbody is going to have to go to that bank sooner or later.

Veeeery interesting.. keep us posted, am curious what happens!

My answer to them is usually 'Drop Dead'. I think they must have translated that ok, because I have not had any in a while!! I also told them they were being reported to authorities.
I have had the same scams when selling Show rabbits. So this time when I got one about a buck I am selling and the person started saying their shipper would be in touch with me. I did tend to get a bit rude. However I did send my phone number and finally she said her shipper was a friend of hers and her friends husband would be traveling past Reno and he would pick up the buck that is both registered and a Grand Champion. I felt about 2" tall. Because of all of this scam junk, some honest people kind of get a raw deal. I have told my buyer how sorry I was for not trusting her. What is wrong with people that they have to try to scam people and make it so tuff the honest people.
IF you took the draft or money order to a CIBC -- I am sure they could tell you if it is real or where it was purhased. THey would also be interrested in knowing if someone is issuing false ones under the CIBC banner.

They also have a fraud department. ( I worked for CIBC for 11 years)

Good luck

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