SC Meeting 11/18/2004

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Dec 2, 2002
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Hi All,

If you are a CMHR State Coordinator, this is a reminder that there is a meeting scheduled for 11/18/2004. I have just posted a message to the yahoo group for the SCs that tells you what time and where to meet online. If you can not view that message, or didn't get a reminder, please let me know and I will get you the login information for the meeting tomarrow.

The times for the meeting are as follows:

9 pm Eastern Standard Time

8 pm Central Standard Time

7 pm Mountain Standard Time

6 pm Pacific Standard Time

Please plan on being there as we have lots to discuss!

See you all there!
Sorry I missed the meeting. I had to pick up my son from school and spend the afternoon at the doctor. He developed a headache, got dizzy and nearly fainted at school today. So, I left the girls with my mother and took him to the dr. Needless to say with his symptoms bloodwork was needed to rule out any serious conditions. He does have inflamed sinuses and we hope that is the source of his trouble. But by the time we left the clinic, got medications, and then went to get the girls, I missed the meeting. Please let me know what was discussed and any actions that I may need to take - i.e. reports, etc. Thanks.

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