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Oct 16, 2005
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new waterford, ohio
I usually do the ring test every year, and its been correct for me all three years

so far. But my question is how early have you tried it and got results? i have a

maiden mare and i just bred her two weeks now, she just going out, before i

started breeding her i tried the test and nothing happened. Well i tried it again

just playing around to see if it would work or not....and it said she was bred,

and went around in circles. So what you think? How early have you tested?

Thanks for any replys...just wondering if anyone else tried this early?

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Dec 11, 2002
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I put this on another post but will add it here too. I did the ring test on a mare I was breeding. Actually on the last day I bred her, she went out of heat the next day. The ring never moved. One week later I tried it again and the ring made big round circles. I am having her ultra sounded in two weeks so I guess we shall see. I did another mare at the same time and had her ultra sound done today, the ring did the big round circles again and this mare is 19 days in foal today. I did the ring test 5 days ago so she was 14 days then.

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