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Jul 10, 2005
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After reading several posts about death of our sweet ones, they always make me cry, I thought I would post this for you all. It is comforting in its own way. I found it on www.exracers.com.

Message from a Horse Spirit

Written by Katie Graham

Where am I, now that I am

Gone from your life?

Leaving you lonely and sad,

For that I am sorry.

But this is a warm place,

And the pastures are green.

And now I know just how

Much you loved me…

Everyone here shares the

Kindness of your heart.

What am I doing, now that

I have left your care?

Racing with wide-eyed

Foals, orphaned no longer.

Breathing crisp morning air

With wise old work horses,

Now grown young and

Strong again.

Looking at mountains

Through the eyes of the

Blind who

Can see.

Carrying on my back all of

The folk who never had the

Chance to know the warmth

Of my sweet horse breath

Or the thrill of a gallop, but

Always yearned for it.

Visiting little girls who

Dream of beautiful steeds,

Flying over fences and racing

Past the finish line,

Keeping them safe, giving

Them hope.

Saddest and sweetest of all,

Greeting the ones who

Cross that Rainbow Bridge.

Some were wild and free on

The earth, and they remain

Wild and free. Some were

Loved and cared for, and

The will be well loved

And cared for here.

And some of the horses

Trotting over that Bridge


Neither free nor loved.

Those are the greatest joy to

Greet, for now they have the

Greenest grass and the

Freshest water, and they

Will never be sick or in pain

Or alone ever again. And

They will always be loved.

So cry for me as humans do,

And then move on

To tend the mortal horses

Who need your care and

Kindness. And take care of

The children; help them

Find their dreams, nuzzle

Them for me.

I’ll be waiting for you

When you come to pass that

Rainbow Bridge,

We will piaffe through the

Clouds and leap the

Lightning bolts, and then trot

On home together to

Those green, green fields.

so kind of you!

its amazing, my mom just lost her fav dog.. so i'm gonna fix this one & give it to her!!

i really llike it!!


I have worked hard this morning to figure out what was wrong with my computer to keep me from being able to post. Finally got it set right. Just had to find a way to thank you for the lovely poem, and I write this through tears. I have just passed the one year anniversary of the tragic death of my two thoroughbred retired racehorses, so I really appreciate this poem.

Did not dream how badly the anniversary would affect me. I guess I shall always miss them beyond belief.


p.s. I have kept up with reading, so want to congratulate all of you with your new foals and say how very sorry I am for your losses.
What a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

I hope so much that this is true. It's been 3 years and I don't think I will ever stop missing my half-Arab Khan, whom I had to put down due to chronically repeating founder from Cushings.

I have some hope, as when my friend has done Reikki (spelling?) sessions on me, she told me Khan's spirit was by me, nuzzling my neck. So I hope to ride him again one day, and then come and be surrounded by all the cats that have gone before me.

Bless and comfort all who have known the joy and pain of grief.
That was beautiful it's shameful to say but l have found myself missing and thinking more of the horses we've lost then for some people l've known all my life.

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