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Dec 1, 2002
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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if this has been discussed on another thread and I missed it.

I was wondering what happens to the papers on the foals of horses that have had their papers turned in because they went "over" under this new measuring rule?? Since the sire or dam is now "over", does that void their papers too??

I really think they should have thought this through ALOT more before doing this!

Horses that are registered before papers are turned in on either sire or dam retain their papers as long as that horse does not go oversize.
Unless your horse's mane ends short, most horses should measure smaller with the new rule, not taller.
Really? I thought they would measure taller - I've got a mare that's right at 34" and I was worried about her and her foals. I can't seem to find that little "place" where they want us to measure anyway. I don't know how I'm gonna measure any future foals :DOH!

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