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Aug 20, 2003
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I bought myself two min jennets, and they are both open. One is 8 and the other is four. I am seriously considering breeding them to my frame overo mini stallion. Problem is, he is a maiden and I am not sure if I should attempt to breed him to the mini donks. ANy suggestions, or should i not attempt this. He is really small, under 27 inches, ( but real studdy) and the donkeys are a bit taller, but are small enough to breed him too. Has anyone ever bred jennets to a stallion. Should i try breeding them to a taller stallion> i also have a 34 inche black frame overo/sabino I could use. I just would love to have a tiny mule ( or hinney as the case will be for me). I thought woudlnt a pair of tiny mini mules be too cute pulling my little goat wagon . I am just debating the issue as I wouldnt even breed them till spring. I dont care for fall babies at all. I just dont think they get enough of a headstart before ky winters come on.

oh, if anyone has ever seen a mini hinney, I would love to see the difference between them and mules.
I have my 2 jennys bred for a 2005 hinny, they were bred to my 33" frosted appy/dun. I also have a yearling hinny from the same sire, who is just the sweetest one out and extreamly friendly. (his pics are else where on the donkey forum..under winter fun, and also when he was first born) I'll look and see what that topic is and let you know. I would go ahead and try for the breeding, hinnys are ALOT harder to produce then mules are. Hinnys also have a tendency to look more horse-like then the mule does. I wont bred for fall babies either, we live in Wisconsin, and the weather just gets to unpredictable too that time of the year. We have already had our first hard frost, so we know winter is around the corner. Corinne
From the hinnys I've seen, the head has a more horse shape to it than a donkey head. They still have the long ears
If I had jennys, I'd be tempted to try and breed one of my stallions to at least one of them.

I commend you for thinking of the babies and not breeding for fall babies. We live in a somewhat mild climate (still get snow and freezing temps) but I will not breed past June. The summers get hot and I don't like putting mares through that heat, and I don't like the idea of being on mare stare for 4-5 months. I think it is a responsible breeder that thinks of the animals welfare first
First I will say good luck getting a stallion to breed them. OUt of our 3 stallions here 2 have ran with the donkeys, neither will breed them.

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