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Sep 7, 2004
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LaFargeville NY
pony 11-12 hands. Girl 4' 10" 95 lbs. What do we need to get for pad,saddle,bridle,ropes, etc...... entire list. Never had riding horses before. She wants to learn. Have a chance to get a good deal on a pony. TIA
my suggestion would be to get a good basic book such from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles that has all the basic care info. and read and study it religiously. There are lots of basic care sites with info on the internet, too. Maybe get into 4H equine program right away if you decide to go ahead with this. Get connected with someone experienced right away.... if the pony is the only one with experience, that is not the best situation! Ponies cost money to keep and care for as well. Please carefully consider the cost of owning a pony each month and if you can afford that as well. There are shots, hoof trims, unexpected injuries, worming, etc on top of the cost of board, etc. Plus costs of transport if you will ride away from home for shows, etc. Bare minimum basics for proper care would be a good sturdy halter and lead (I recommend a heavy cotton one, they hurt your hands less if you have to handle them much) a brush and a rubber curry, hoof pick, and a mane comb of some sort, tho a brush can work for this as well. Saddles and bridles come in many varieties and depend on the rider and the style of riding, costs are anywhere from $50 for an old used one to $5000 for a top line hand made imported show saddle... keep us posted
We have 7 mini horses. We know about horse care in general, we have a great vet and farrier. Just have never own full size riding horses before. She wants a pony to ride, so she can ride around and check on her mini's. Just need to know sizing of a saddle and such.
Hi Tia,

If tack is what you are looking for you can go to these websites:

Pony Only......

Country Supply.....

Chubby Pony....

My suggestion would be go to the nearest saddle shop. Not to buy but to find out what size seat she would fit in (I would guess she would fit in a 13"). Then you can decide on how much you want to spend. A good quality pony saddle just for everyday use can run anywhere from $250 to $350. Pony pads run around $15 depending on what you buy.

You will need to measure your pony's head for the bridle. Corner of mouth over the poll to corner of mouth, also measure across his brow. Some ponies have wider heads than others. Take a tape measure with you when you shop for a bridle so that you can use the measurments that you took of your pony and see if the headstalls are going to fit.

Happy Shopping!

Karen Shaw

Fiddlestix Miniatures & Shetlands

Burleson Texas
hmm guess i didn't understand that you already had minis from your post.... sorry! (wasn't even sure if it wasn't the 11 year old posting!) has pony sized tack at a reasonable price... most pony saddles, especially western ones are made on the same standard size tree, unless you get one custom made. Adjustments have to be made for the individual pony's back using pads, blankets or whatever is needed. Having someone experienced in fitting big horse saddles would help here.... you can get different length girths (cinches on a western pony) to fit around exceptionally fat or skinny ponies, but the standard issue fits most. Depending on the pony, a 4 inch bit is usually standard size. If your pony has an exceptionally wide or small mouth he may need something different. It would be good if you could buy the bridle he has been used with along with the pony, or at least ask what kind of bit he is used to and how he is trained to steer. Even better if the owner would watch the child ride and give pointers on this particular pony's idiosyncracies.... I know sometimes this can't be done tho. Some ponies neck rein (indirect reining, where you move your hand the direction you want to go and the pony feels the rein on his neck and moves away from it) or by direct reining (plow reining) where one just uses only one rein at a time in the direction they want to turn.... Most western ponies neck rein, english ones direct rein.... have fun, it really opens up the world for a kid to see it from the back of a pony!
Your little girl will need a 12" western pony saddle. Most children at that age fit in 12" western pony saddle. A pony blanket pad and a pony bridle. I have found that most pony bridles are designed for 12 hand ponies and if your pony is small a mini bridle works nice. Typically you want a 4" bit.

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