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Aug 18, 2003
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This may seem like an incredibly dumb question,
BUT - how much can I expect a trailer dealer to come down from the list price. I've had my trailer for over 14 yrs and we bought it used. It's in good shape for it's age, but I need something bigger. I didn't try to get a lower price on it I just ask them to to hook up the brakes etc included in the price. So if I look at a new or just slightly used, how much should I be able to talk a dealer down. I know they have to have a decent mark up on some of them because you will see the same make, model and year for sale with sometimes $1000 or more difference from one seller to the next. Do you negotiate like you would with a car/truck or do you do that with trailers??????? I would appreciate any advice. I am so hoping to look at trailers sometime this month. Actually, I've been looking at them for 14 yrs LOL, I'm hoping this time I get to look to buy
Oh, and I am planning to sell my trailer privately and buy the new one outright (no trade) I know that makes a difference also. Also, anyone who has one of these three trailers, I would LOVE some feedback on them. (I may post that question later in case some people don't read this post)

Keifer Built - Eagle XLA

Logan Coach -XTBP

American Spirit - not sure of model number/name
I recently bought a trailer, but it was 2nd hand and from a friend BUT at least I can bump this on up for you in case someone else can help.
Thank you. It's nice to know someone would have helped if they could have.
I recently bought a small trailer from a dealer in the Houston area.

I tried to get him down on the price for awhile, but nothing worked.

However, I did finally get him to toss in a few extras. Nothing to brag about.

Thing is, these guys seem quite willing to let the trailers sit in the lot for as long as it takes whereas car dealers are looking to turn over their inventory.

If you find someone that gives ya' a good deal, let us know.
The last trailer I bought was on consignment with a dealer. They did come off the price a little, but it was up to the seller on that one. They did seem willing to negotiate on the new trailers, but I didn't find out how much. I'd sure give it a try.

I don't own any of the trailers you are asking about, but as for the trading as you would a car. I say go for it only slightly different. We have bought two trailers new in the last ten years and the first one was a $20,000 trailer that we bought for $17,000. The second was a living quarters trailer that was list priced at $35,000 and I bought it for $32,500.

What we do when buying cars, trucks, trailers, almost anything like that is go around to as many dealers as you can in the vicinity you are willing to travel (the more the better). Tell each dealer that you are looking for _________ trailer, _______ year, _____make, ________model, etc....... Tell them you are taking quotes and that you are going around to _______ number of places getting quotes on this trailer. Tell them there will be no talking, no renogitating, no nothing, lowest bid gets your business on the following Monday (or whatever day you choose, usually about one week). You'd be suprised how much they can take off their prices. Be sure that you don't give any prices of one dealer to another until AFTER the bidding is over. Then feel free to pass the prices around so everyone knows how they stood. Never renogitate though, that's just a no no if you trade this way.

You are also right not to do a trade in, they kick your behind on those most of the time. Sell it yourself and you'll get alot more for the older trailer. Happy shopping and let us know how it goes.
Really good idea Voodoo!!!!! I am just sick because the trailer I was very interested in (was a couple years old but a demo so not used much for actual hauling) has apparently been sold. My husband says he wants to wait until the end of this month to actually go look and I'm about to go insane. You have to lok so you know where you're headed to, but that just makes it worse knowing what's waiting for you and being sold right before you get there
You'd think after 14 yrs of waiting that a couple more weeks wouldn't be too bad, but it is absolute H. E. double toothpicks having to wait any longer
Obviously patience isn't my strongest asset LOL. thanks guys still love to hear from anyone who has one of the trailers I mentioned. especially the kiefer built as that sales place is closest and they look like a decent trailer and have been in business a long time.

Wow strass, forgot to mention - love the horse in your avatar, could you throw that in as an "extra" on my new trailer.
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I went directly to the factory and eliminated the middle man.

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