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Dec 14, 2002
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The following may be blatantly obvious for some of you:

If you do a purchase at the World Sale, is there Vet support to get coggins etc. done quickly for transport from the sale whereby you can leave by the end of the show period to go back to your home state with the purchased horse?

If not, what is the process?



Tommy (wanting to know just in case, LOL)
In order for the horse to be let onto the show grounds, the owner must show a current negative Coggins and current health papers. So to answer your question, that's already taken care of for you.
Thanks, that makes perfect sense. I was not specific enough, sorry :-(

The reason I am asking is if there is a Vet available at the show to perform any checks required to leaving the show to go to any other states and can sign off other "real time" checks, like stomatitis or other special requirements at the time to go to certain states.

Thanks again

There was a Vet at the AMHA World Show Last year full time.

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