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Oct 9, 2004
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Townville Pa.
I was watching RFD tv the other day and it was a program about a parade with all horse drawn vehicles. One had 4 horses pulling a wagon.
they called them little Clydedales. They said they were pony size but look just like the full size ones. l have been trying to find out information about them on the internet but came up with nothing. Have anyone heard of these before?

Just interested. Not wanting to buy.

[SIZE=14pt]If they were a palomino color they were halflingers.They are from germany and are all round horses.I own one so if u want to see pics just ask!!
They look just like little draft horses and are very smooth.
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Np, they were definitely NOT Haflingers. A Haflinger was directly in front of this team, and the announcer correctly identified them.

We saw this, but didn't get the information about what farm they were from.

These were definitely ponies, perhaps large Shetland in height, Sabino Bays whose conformation, coloring and entire demeanor is exactly that of a Clydesdale. They referred to them as "Clydesdale Lights."

Thanks for reminding me...I was planning to do a Google search to see what I can find.
There is someone in Florida that is using AI to produce mini clydesdales by crossing big stallions and using mini and pony mares. I received pics of them several years ago and the mares apparently had no foaling problems.
Those ARE mini clydes. I have draft horses as well as mini's and I have a book with a picture of a beautiful team of them. I saw the same TV show yesterday and saw those horses too. They do look alot like the big guys but they don't seem to have as much feather on their legs.
All that comes up o a search for clydesdale lights is beer.

Would love to see them if anyone finds a link to pictures.

Maybe they could be. I was just going by what the man said about them as they came down the street.

All I know was, I really liked the way they looked.

I took some notes from the show with the "Clyde Lights".

The show was on RFD-TV September 4th and called Horsecity or The episode was titled "Augusta Horse and Carriage Parade".

I think I Googled this and found a reference to a breeder in Florida.

Gotta have one!

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smlotsocats said:
Those ARE mini clydes.  I have draft horses as well as mini's and I have a book with a picture of a beautiful team of them.  I saw the same TV show yesterday and saw those horses too.  They do look alot like the big guys but they don't seem to have as much feather on their legs.

Could you please scan the picture & post it here. I would LOVE to see what they look like!
I just watched the clip on the computer - and click on horsecity tv.

They are lovely - look to be maybe 12 hands give or take, just like the big guys in appearance. They are near the end of the parade. Neat parade too, big variety of horses and carts/carriages including a couple of minis.

I went to and watched the video clips. They said that this was a "6-hitch of clyde lites owned by Ms. Lassie Tompkins of Briar Patch" least that is what it sounded like. I did a search on different spellings, etc. and haven't been able to come up with anything. If anyone finds info, please share!

Lass or Lassie Tompkins came up a few times in a search--the Georgia draft show or something like that.


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I love that channel. I have been surfing the web like crazy trying to find any kind of a link to those horses or anything like them.

I have had NO luck. The closest I got was to someone in Australia selling a Miniature Clydesdale, but the word Miniature in that context was just a smaller than usual Clydesdale.

If you or anyone else finds out anything, let me know.


[email protected]


I searched and found their name Briarwood Farms in CT.

They have no website, just the following info:

146 Estabrook Road

Hampton, CT 06247


Services: Boarding, training, lessons. Carriage driving, dressage, basic horsemanship. Indoor arena, state forest trails.

I really enjoy watching RFD - Tv and the Animal Planet. I catch up on a lot of things during mare stare in April, May, and June. The rest of the time I have to watch what hubby is watching. He usually watches 2 - 3 things at a time so sometime it is hard for me to keep track of a program.

He wonders why I spend time on the computer when he is watching TV

I am glad that there are other people interested in the Clyde lites. They are nice looking. I do enjoy the more sturdy looking horses.

They are owned and bred by Miss. Lace Thomkins of Micanopy Florida.


edited to add: I found a Hugh Thomkins in Micanopy Florida on an internet search.
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The very last vacation I took with my x we went to Pa Dutch country, One of the things we did was stop at a Mini horse farm just outside Gettysburg. They had a whole 8 horse hitch of mini Clydes, even built a mini beer wagon for them to pull it was so cute. They had mini everythings mustangs morgans clydes donks goats. We didn't have long to spend there because we were with his folks so saw almost nothing at all. Have often wondered if the farm still exists would like to go back some day to see more of the area.

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