Posting pictures for jacks'thunder and her rescue

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Dec 2, 2002
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Here are the pictures of Bridgette that Jacks'thunder sent me to post for her. You can read about Bridgette in Jacks'thunder's post entitled "PLEASE HELP ME! I don't know where to start!". (Once again imagestation has taken it upon themselves to resize the pictures for us
). She looks like she has a really sweet personality. I am betting she will come around to warming up to you all in no time!


Thanks Sunquestminiatures!!!
I appricate the help posting pictures and the kind words! I think shes a keeper! LOL!!

Thanks again,

Leya & Bridgette!

P.S. Everybody has been a God send! Thanks! My family could not believe all the kind words and wonderful advice you all have for us! Please know everybodys thoughtfullness is taken to hart!
She looks like a real sweetheart - bless you for rescuing this mare! How is she feeling today?
Hosscrazy said:
She looks like a real sweetheart - bless you for rescuing this mare! How is she feeling today?

She doing really well! Thanks for asking! Twice a day she gets her "mush" that I hold under her mouth so she can get some nourishment. But the hay is not working out the best. She tries so hard to eat it but it's like she can't open her mouth to chew it very good. I've seen her yawn so she can open her mouth. And when she does chew gobbs(big gobbs! Yuck!) of hay and spitt hang from her mouth. I help her and pull what she'll let me pull out. I'll do what I have too! My job now is just to try to make her comfortable and feel safe. I really think it's working because I snuck in there around noon and she was laying down taking a nap. When I was feeding her this morning I just put her head up against my leg and rubbed her neck while she ate. Hopefully she can feel at peace here and have a quality life. I know she will never be like my other minis but mabey someday (along time from now! I'm sure!) I'll be able to let her in a small fenced area with a companion to enjoy the sun and grass. But for now we are taking baby steps and I'm just happy she didn't die! I hope the vet has some good news(and a small vet bill!! LOL!! Yah right!!) on Wednesday! Thanks for letting me share!
What if you took some cutters and chopped her hay up in small bites? I had a weanling that would chew until he had a huge cud then spit it out an start over.
What a cutie, she looks like she's liking her new "digs". Pat yourself on the back for rescuing her and giving her a loving home
did the vet check her teeth?? she may need to be floated. that could be what is causing her problems chewing hay. what a sweetheart

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