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Mulligans Run

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Nov 23, 2003
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Lexington, South Carolina
I have just learned of a possible rescue situation and I'm not sure what steps to take to proceed. I was told that there is a petting zoo approximately 2 1/2 hours from where I live, that has a miniature horse. I was told the horse looked like it hadn't been fed, or fed well, it's hair is falling out, it has a collar around it's neck and is on a chain.

Because of the distance, I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row before I make the trip. What steps do I take?????? I figured I could start by getting pictures and asking innocent questions. Suggestions?? I've emailed Kay, but haven't gotten a response yet.
Oh no!!!!

Kay is MIA currently due to a family situation. Please contact me and lets see what we can do.

First I would ask that you get what info you can on the horse. Pictures are a must if you can get them without entering the property or with permission if you are on the property.

Next, if you can find out any details on why the horse is this way that would help. Also see if the horse is for sale and the price. Get to talking with the owners if possible and see what they are doing to help this horse. In other words, educate.

BUT PLEASE, DON'T accuse them of doing any wrong! CMHR has a policy to not judge others.

Next, if their are other animals on the same property that are in the same type of condition, contact the local humane societies and report them to the society. Also see if there are any horse rescues in the area that know the laws that you can turn to for help as CMHR can not force a rescue. But we can purchase if we can get the price down, and we will work with authorities if needed.

I will be online later tonight breifly to check emails. Please email me at [email protected] and I will reply to you and cc the rest of the board members so they are brought into the loop on this.

Thanks for telling us and lets see what the deal is.
Any updates on this situation...........hope it is working out well..........
Nothing at this point. The horse is in Charleston, SC in the hurricane. My husband has "advised" that I not travel down there today, which was the only day I had at the moment. I'm hoping to get down there tomorrow. Do you know of anyone in that area?????
I'm in Fl. and hubby's in Va. We're both running up and down the coast all the time. Is there anything I can do??? Let me know.... might head in that direction for Labor day... watching Frances though... We have three kids.... I'm sure they could get a picture of the kids and the horse if nothing else, but we need info...

God Bless..

Lynn W
That would be great. I'm heading out of town this next Friday and will be gone a week, taking my son to college in Pensacola. It's my desire to make it down there before then as I'm very concerned. The horse is supposedly at a Farmer's Market on James Island in a petting zoo. That's all the information I have on it.
If anyone is able to get information, please remember to be very tactful and not point any fingers at the owner(s). We want to see if we can help these horses, but must remember that we may not be able to help if we make them angry. But at the same time, we can't do anything unless we also have more information.

Also, please remember to get permission to take pictures if you are on their property. (I am sure that they will understand that you just love the horses sooooo much that you must have some pictures!)

So keep it polite, and please email me if any of you can help with checking on this!!!



[email protected]
If this horse is at a public event such as a farmers market i would think it would be fairly easy to get others involved as well?
You'd think so, but apparently it's not a "true" farmer's market. I contacted the department of Tourism, and the Visitor's Center for Charleston. They said that there are only two "Farmer's Market's" in Charleston. One is at the market and it's only twice a year. The other one is every Tuesday night. The "farmer's market in question"
appears to be more of a road-side stand, and from what I've been told through my phone calls yesterday, there are a bunch of them up and down James Island, where the horse supposedly is. So, I'm heading that way this afternoon and hopefully I can hunt the horse down.

I have been in touch with a place in Charleston that has actually ended up with several dwarfs and rescues because of similar situations, and I'm hoping that IF the horse is in need, I can get them involved. They have a vet right next door, that rescues, treat and then places the horses with them.

But first I need to find the horse, then I need to assess the situation....we'll go from there.

I'll keep you posted - probably won't be until tomorrow as I'm spending the night in Charleston.

Okay - good news. Found the horse and he seems to be fine. It's an 8 month old appy colt. I don't like the way he's kept, and his feet need to be trimmed, but he has food, water and looks in decent condition. I'm not an animal communicator, but I get the impression he's angry.
I was warned before I went up to him that he was a bitter. First thing he did was grab my grocery bag (had to shop first for veggies) and he wouldn't let go. He wasn't "looking" for treats...he was being agressive.

He did let me pet him and scratch his neck, which is how I got the full face shots. Doesn't he look sad???
The people there were not overly friendly. It's a clean open air market - mostly veggies, but hey have fresh seafood sales too. Lot's of chickens and ducks running around. Not really my impression of a "petting zoo" - in fact, I wouldn't call it that at all.

The girl behind the counter was young and seemed kinda cocky when I asked any questions about him. She gave me only as much information as the question warranted. He was NOT for sale, they had just bought him from someone.
And she referred his height and growth questions to an older gentleman that gave me permission to take pictures. He was gone when I was done loving on the little guy.

So, aside from getting a needed hoof trim, he looks okay. When I first got there a little girl was leading him around (or he was leading her - running). I think they'll have their hands full when he matures.

So - what's ya'll's opinion?
I've got pictures and will post them as quick as I figure out how....

here is the little horse he looks ok a bit on the thin side but i have seen much worse and his feet are long but all in all looks like he is doing well she has more pics but it would only let me post 3



Thanks for the update Heather.

Like you, he seems to be in ok condition other than his feet being too long. And if he has food, water, and shelter, then there may not be much that can be done. He is not what I would consider a rescue situation, but that may be because they haven't had him long enough to have it show.

I am a little worried about his attitude though. This is not really normal behavor for an 8 month old to be aggressive and angry, and if the family seems not real freindly, well that may be part of the problem. It is sad as something is definately bothering the little fellow as you can see it in his eyes. He definately isn't happy looking.

I suspect there is nothing we can do at this point as he is not for sale, and he doesn't have an abused appearance. Just keeping an eye out for him if you are in the area would be all that one could do for now. If things get worse, then I would definately see if you can get someone to help step in. Otherwise, I don't think much can be done at this point as he has food, water, and I assume shelter.

Again, thanks for check on him Heather. And if you get to see him sometime in the future, let us know how he is doing.
There are two Equine Rescue groups in South Carolina, both of which can conduct a full investigation. One is South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines (SCARE) www.schorserescue.org, I use to be a member of this group and they are very good. The second group is PEER, I do not have their web address handy but a web search should find it.


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