Please pray for me!!!!!

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Jul 27, 2005
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Yes, folks, a death defying feat is about to happen! I will bathe Promise and hopefully live to tell the tale. I have been playing with the hose around her so she wont be afraid, but I think I will try a bucket bath at first. She was fine with the hose being near her, but once I put some water on her hooves she was a wild bucking bronco. I can drop the hose in front of her and she will try to pick it up.

She needs her mane clipped fully but I will need Honey Ron's assistance on that when he comes back. When he called this morning he was wandering if it was too late in the year to get it clipped off. What say ye horse pros? Her mane looks like it has always been neglected. Broken in places, and looks pretty bad.

Oh, and her break away halter, well, it's not! The girl said she saw the B/W and thought that meant break away. I wanted pink and I got blue and white. I had her send it back, so lets see what I get next.

Thank you

If you do clip off her mane it will take you FOREVER to get a decent, laying, mane again PLEASE do not cut it off however bad it looks!!!

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