Pinguecula (eye related)

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Mar 16, 2006
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Southern Ca
I was just diagnosed with this condition in both of my eyes. I admit, I never wear sunglasses or a hat, and I live in a very sunny/windy climate.

I've been having issues with one of my eyes for the past six weeks (major inflammation), so it is somewhat of a relief to finally know what I'm dealing with.

Does anyone else have this problem or know someone who does?
What are they prescribing for relief?

At my last eye exam, he was concerned about something in the digital picture caused by sun damage. I don't know if Pinguecula was the word he used. I've been trying to wear sunglasses whenever I go out now. My eyes are always uncomfortable.
Was it maybe a Pterygium?

Pinguecula is yellow spots that show up in your eye. Mine isn't noticeable yellow/white spots yet, but I have noticeable blood vessels that are primarily in the whites of my eyes on the 3 to 9 o'clock axel (Meaning the slit of eye that is always visible to the sun). It's hard to explain but looks like bloodshot eyes in only sections of my eyes and noticeable veins among them. I actually have pingueculitis, which is inflammation of the pinguecula. So half of my right eye is bright red and uncomfortable. I had a snowflake land in it on February 20, and it's been ugly since.

A Pterygium is caused by the same things but it is a layer of clear cells/film that starts to grow towards your retina. It can start affecting vision if it gets too bad.

I'm on a steroid eye drop right now for the inflammation. When my eye feels dry or aggitated, I'm using artificial tears (Systane Ultra). It helps a lot, especially when watching tv or on the laptop when I don't blink as often as I should.
Do you wear contacts?

I forgot to add, you should make sure that your sunglasses have 100 % UV protection and preferrably blue-light protection, not just lenses that block glare. I might need to buy a new pair, and definately some sun-protective goggles because I swim a lot during summer.

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