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Apr 1, 2004
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Oronogo, MO
I just had to share with everyone. Here's M&M (MRB Mystic Monet), This little guy has been through quite a bit, but you would never know it to see him now

When he was a weany he started having bad seizures, he would fall over, bang himself into the stall walls, foam at the mouth....we almost had him put down, as he was having them multiple times everyday. After many MANY tests and treatments, the only thing we could figure was he just got stressed out way to easily. So he got pampered of course, and after having a little talk with him about it, they slowly went away, to where now he only has them once every few months, and they aren't bad at all, he just gets a little stiff for a few minutes

Then, as some of you probably remember, he was the victim of a dogbite ealier this year. he was pretty bad for a while, started up with his seizures again (i dont blame him) lost weight, got depressed, etc. but after a couple weeks he bounced right back, and is the king of the farm once again. He roams the front yard all day, come up on the porch and knocks on the front door to come in and visit, lol, he's quite the character
I swear this little guy understands every word you say to him.

Anyway, sorry so long. Here are his pics, just taken the other day. He is 2 years old, and 27 inches. What do you guys think of him? Feel free to crtique if you would like, I would really love others opinions on him.





**Edited to add - What do you think of his color? I've posted before asking this but never had a picture of his natural summer coat. In the winter he gets very light tan around his rear, flanks, belly, armpits, and muzzle. He is registered brown pinto, dam is registed black pinto, sire is brown pinto as well. I thought maybe bay with pangare, but he has absolutely no redish hairs anywhere on him, which makes me think maybe something else? Someone once suggested very dark buckskin, which thinking about it, his dam could be smokey black, she is a very smokey color. But again, I have no idea what her parents were
So what do you think?
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He is looking good!

He is a dark bay also called brown by some.

Nice halter by the way.
Pretty boy!! I think you should take less bridle path and trim his (lovely) mane back a lot shorter- with a shorter mane you will complement his neck better. You will also be able to get away with a shorter bridle path. (This is just me- I really like to see the mane, I hate that most people nearly cut it all off!!
) He is Bay Pinto- he is not pale enough to have Pangaré the pale patches are natural on a healthy Bay!! You've done a really fantastic job with him, well done you and well done M&M- this should give poor Lisa and her little dog bit colt a bit of a boost!!!
[SIZE=14pt]So glad he is doing so very well after all his troubles! I too love that arabian headstall you have![/SIZE]

He sure is a little cutie!!! I'm so glad he has come around from everything he's been through with flying colors.
Thanks everyone!

My mom made the halter, she just kinda threw it together, as we don't have a show halter yet. She did a pretty good job I think

As far as his bridlepath goes, I definately agree! If you look, in the first pic, he has a little tuft sticking up where I'm trying to let it grow back, lol. In the second pic it's laid down, but on the other side of his neck
, you can see it in the third pic. Hopefully it will be all grown back and even by spring.

He's never been conditioned a day in his life, we plan on starting that this fall/winter, and seeing how he looks in the spring.

What do you guys think of his conformation? Show quality at all (and yes, I mean halter)? lol.....or should I start another thread for that? If you do critique, please be completely honest, I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a bit barn blind with this one, and I'd like to know if you think he would be competitive or not.

And yes, I realize these aren't the best pics for that

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