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Dec 5, 2003
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Otis Orchards, Washington (just east of Spokane)
I would like to see some more muscle on this boy but he is a work in progress. He is a little gangly as a yearling but got him to his first show and snapped this picture of him the day he won Grand and Reserve Junior Stallion.


And this is one I thought was cute that we snapped after we got home and let him out of the trailer without his blankets on. He felt pretty good to be on land again.

Ohhh he is very nice. Hey are you going to Nationals this year and of course the next question is - is lucy? if so raven would love to talk to you
VERY well put together fellow! Annette. I think we can forgive his "gangliness" since he's only a yearling.
The judges sure did!

[SIZE=14pt]He is lovely Annette![/SIZE]

Thanks everyone,

Lisa I am going to Nationals but am not taking Lucy. I am going to breed her late for next year. She is so mature this year, I cannot believe how much she grew up over the winter. I will take her to one or two shows to finish her this year though. She needs a grand this year and 9 points to HOF.
Aww you will have to send me pictures of "our" girl ok i wish she was ours but in my heart she will always be anyway (ok and my fantasies)

Raven will be a bit sad she was hoping to show a horse for you again this year but hey on the plus side we get to see you right- and hopefully we will be stalling close again
Well he is absolutely gorgeous and should be Mr. January on our stallion calendar..You should be soooo proud..
He is 34" He is ASPC/AMHR registered, 100% Arenosa bred. One reason he is so gangly is that he was pretty wimpy when I got him last year as Mom was a maiden and her milk supply was not so good, he was in bad need of groceries when he came to live with me. He was only 27" when he came in October and has grown 7 inches since. Thus the gangliness. He has slowed down in the growth now and is started to put weight on so he is looking better all the time. He is a perfect example that a horse will grow to their genetic size even if they have a slow or a fast start.

Thank you all for your compliments, I think he is pretty special and his disposition is very sweet.

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