Pictures and Videos of a driving trial--all three sections--

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Aug 18, 2003
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The carriage driving season is starting to get in full swing here--these pictures/videos are from an Arena Driving Trial (ADT) two weeks ago, and we just came home from another Horse Driving Trial (HDT) yesterday. The Ram Tap CDE (Combined Driving Event) in Fresno is in less than two weeks, so it is getting busy!!

This was Peekaboo's second ADT, and her first one since she has come up here for serious work. She is still quite green, but you can definitely see the promise there! She is also highly sensitive, so every new thing is a big deal. But I think she is coming to trust that I'm not going to make driving a bad experience.

Fascination is conditioning for Ram Tap, which will have a full marathon course of 12+ kilometers for Intermediate. Hazards are, as you will see in the videos, one of her favorite things! FYI, at Training level (Peekaboo), you are not allowed to canter and be a speed demon as you can see Fascination doing here--much easier on everyone!

It was very cold and windy the day of the ADT and poor Peekaboo had to go first out of everyone.

The three videos I have:

Peekaboo's Dressage (sorry it is not set to music, have not gotten around to that):

And the still pictures:


Working on a bit of collection:


Walking nicely:


Although not what I was asking for, I love the way she looks in this shot (very show horsy):



Love this one, I believe we were working on some lengthenings:


And I really like the way she is using herself in this one, at a working trot:


A decent workout calls for a nice bit of walk where I let her really stretch down and relax those hardworking muscles:



These are warmup pictures, all at a working trot or near there. It was very exciting for her to be some place new!



Somewhat nervous....


I guess it's not soo bad:


Still just a working trot, remember?


Thinking very hard:


I love her movement:


Sorry to bombard you with pictures, but I am very happy with these two girls....

And incidentally, for those of you who drive in the breed shows, where you would place these two(Country/Pleasure/Western). And why....and if it was your horse, what would you do to be competitive there (ie: check tightly, or whatever)? Just interested....probably will never do the show ring stuff--these girls are too much fun outside of it!
You are an amazing driver, and your horses look wonderful!! Congrats!
Thanks for sharing your pictures, it looks like it was a lot of fun
oh they look awesome

that purple cart is awesome too!!

I LOVE your new mare
You look COLD, Bree!
:Cold-Scared The girls, however, look properly warmed up and VERY nice.
I know it's really difficult for Fasc to use her topline correctly and she's doing it brilliantly in those photos. An A+++!
Peekaboo looks like she'd do quite well in the breed ring although like you I'm still not sure what division she'd go in. Probably Country given her power and raised headset but lack of true "action" in the Hackney sense of the term. I'd don't think I've ever gotten a clear look at the off side of her face before- her markings are cool!

I'm so excited to see you and them in July I can't stand it.
(I also can't wait to get my own Soft Collar but hey, that's another story.)

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I really enjoyed the videos and pictures, thanks for posting .... oooo, I would LOVE to go flying around the turns like Fascination!!
looks like so much fun

your mare reminds me of my tippy

you look like you are being showered in dirt

i hate that about metal /wooden wheels

mine do that too in turns- i even get dirt in my mouth and contacts

can you put some sort of removeable fender to direct the dirt spray off of you?

also you go to a canter from a very fast trot- why?

(note i only watched cones and hazards not dressage w her)

in riding horses we always asked them for a canter as a separate cue

never let them run into it from the trot

i make tippy go to a canter from a reg or even collected trot

b/c i fear if she thinks canter comes after a "trot on" speed she will break on me in roadster

just a thought if you decide to do the breed ring

country on facination for sure

and roadster

and chariot-

in my opinion-

your other mare is more borderline cp/sp

on the local level i'd put her in single

especially if you can get her head and action a lil higher

but she could easily do country on all levels as is

editted to address more parts of post

forgot a few questions
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I know nothing about driving but surely enjoyed your videos and watching you and your beautiful horses thank you for sharing you made me smile this morning.
Looking great! I enjoyed looking at these and reading!


Beautiful girls...

Keely, with Fascination, I can pick up a canter from any gait/any speed....just so happens that it is most productive and effective to start from a good trot for hazards and such. This is because the cart is already going fairly fast--no whiplash effect from the 'rocket launcher' transition.

If we are working on developing our working canter and doing dressage work within that gait, I can and will pick it up from a walk or trot (any speed therein)...she can also do it from a standstill, but generally I don't ask for that as it is too hard for her at this point to collect up for the transition without movement. Her cue is a separate, specific one, so it is very clear what she is *supposed* to do (not necessarily what she wants to do!)--she is never "allowed" to run into it from a fast trot, always asked to move up from whatever gait we were doing.

In the dressage arena, there are no canter movements except for a rare few tests, BUT there are lengthened trots (which at Intermediate are pretty near extended) of course I can't and don't allow her to choose which gait she wants to do at high speeds. So I know we would not have a problem in roadster.

Karen, the purple cart is a custom made marathon roadster, made to fit Fascination and I by a local welder (no longer in business). I love it because it is very sturdy and very stable. The wheel base is wide in comparision to the height, and the balance is perfect. Only problem is that it has no suspension.

Oh, and I don't really get showered in dirt...least not my upper body. It all mostly tends to go to the sides as the wheels are set wider. Fenders would hinder my foot position possibly, and definitely change the balance of the cart. What I need is something in front when we go through water hazards to keep the water from splashing up from under Fascination.

This dirt was VERY deep, thus the huge rooster tails.

Thanks for looking!! We do love to go fast, as you can see!
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Well that was truly delightful to watch! I believe Fascination loves speed every bit as much as you do!!!

I love Peekaboo, she is really going to be something as she matures.

I think that Fascination would be most comfortable in Western, she carries her head so nicely in a relaxed position. Peekaboo, definitely CP.

A little bird told me you might be at Inavale this year??? I will see you there!
Very nice video, I loved watching your dressage test. I'm going to my first HDT at the end of May and that is the test I have to drive it was great to watch someone drive it. Kathy

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