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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
A week or so ago I posted that Chantilly hasn't been finishing her pellets (she only gets a cup, so its not that much). Some of you suggested sweetfeed so we bought Charger today, mixed 1/3 cup of that along with 1/3 trotter pellets, a table spoon of sunflower seeds and a table spoon of flax. When I fed it today she seemed to be doing fine, so I stuck around to finish some last minute chores. I finished my chores, checked on Chantilly, and she finished everything, EXCEPT THE TROTTER!
I guess we will be giving her only sweet feed from now on.

Oh, she did leave behind the healthiest looking pieces in the sweetfeed as well, I don't know what they are but they are oval shaped and brown.
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After a bought of colic w/my ol gelding, we switched to pelleted feed, talk about a VERY upset ol man LOL He would push and pick and barely eat at all, that lsated about a week, then he decided that all the 'oh mommy I am STARVING!!!' looks werent helping LOL

If there isnt a health reason to switching feeds, I would just stick w/what works and what they like.
I missed the previous post. Have you had her teeth checked??? Maybe it hurts something if she bites down on something hard.

Try soaking her food a couple of times and see if that helps.

Of course she could just be picky
Hmm, I am going to check her mouth when I get out to the barn, it may be a problem. She didn't get floated this year because the vet said they were fine. I did noticed that sometimes she opens her mouth and moves her lower jaw when I am doing halter excersizes. I am thinking their could be a splinter maybe since she chews on wood. Ill update later. Or, she could just be picky

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