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May 5, 2007
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We live in NJ and we are trying to maintain our pasture. My husband bought a super gun and a 1500 gallon water tank to water our fields. My question is when do you seed, lime, control weeds (esp buttercups), and harrow. How long to do keep your horses off sections?? We have been fortunate so far but with the lack of rain we are nervous

Thanks so much
Your County Extension Agent can help you with how to control weeds, etc. Every area is different so have different experts to help. They will surely suggest that you have your soil tested to see what needs to be given as far as fertilizers, etc.

As for generalities, I keep my horses off of the fields when the fields are soggy wet (their feet churn up the turf and thus destroys pasture), and when the pasture is eaten down too much. Also, of course, for at least two weeks after fertilizing. Having a dry lot is almost essential for protecting pasture.

I hope you get some rain!
Ditto Magic - your co extension with be the biggest help - take soil samples in and they will test it and tell you what to do when.
What would it be under?? What department. I dont see anything called county ext. Agency.

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