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Nov 30, 2002
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She's been laying down and looks like she is itching her belly going back and forth on it. Then lays down flat. She gets up and circles passing a lot of gas. Swishing her tail something awful then backs into the wall and pushing her butt up against it. She is whinning for me all night long so I keep going out there every time she does. I cannot see the baby moving though. Fetus seems to be "quiet" in there though. She is clearly aggitated tonite.

She does this kind of stuff at night but never in the day.

Her due date is July 15th too!!!!!!But there is no milk bag and no other signs of anything.

I'm not ready for this. I mean I am, but I'm not. Know what I mean?

Jerry's right here and boy is he ever being supportive. We want this baby sooo bad! The boys are acting like they don't care but gee whiz, they keep checking the moniter...hmmmm and asking to wake them up if anything happens.

Can you guys please come over now?
Well Marty, I would jump in my car and do just that but it sounds like I would miss the action as it would take me about 3 or 4 days to get there. LOL

You have great support right here and you and Holly will be fine. It is common for the foal to get quiet at the end as they are running out of room to move.

How does she look under her tail? Loose and long or still tight. Is she full through the flanks yet? Is her butt soft? Is the inside of her vulva redder than usual?

Dont worry, she will have mild when she needs it. Take a breath, make a pot of coffee and relax.

Keep us posted!
How does she look under her tail? looks normal to me

Loose and long or still tight. not loose

Is she full through the flanks yet? yes, very

Is her butt soft? like a sponge

Is the inside of her vulva redder than usual? no
She's very uncomfortable tonite. Horribly gassy. Jerry and Michael went out to sit with her a bit. I am watching them petting her on the cam. She's being a real mush. Think she's wanting sympathy. Or more food!

I have these horrible visions of something going all wrong all the time. Had a couple of nightmares about it too. But I have gone over all my emergency notes a million times in my mind so I should be prepared for anything that goes on. This is way more nerve racking than I ever could have imagined. Just want this to be over with so I can spoil Fetus rotten!
Sending my Prayers for you Marty, Holly, the baby, your dear family and good friends. You have been so kind to me and I will ""PUSH""!!! Your Angels are all around you. Love Donna
Just got back inside and heading back out with the sleeping bag and a huge cup of hot tea. It's storming outside so I think the noise and wind is bothering her.

Nothing is going on from what I can see and I've checked everything I can think of but I'd feel better out there with her right now since she is feeling so uncomfortable so I'm signing off to stay in the stall a while tonite.
The big red flag for me, Marty, is after watching her behavior night after night.....all of sudden she will totally change her activity.

I'll be thinking of you as I finally get to fall into blissful sleep......for a change.....


I have mares that bump their butts for quite awhile before they foal - I believe that they are experiencing pressure (you know like us women when we are close to giving birth) (not that we bump our butts LOL but we do have lots of pressure right? LOL). She is probably getting closer to foaling, but it sounds to me like everything is going fine from what you are describing.

She is probably upset from the storms also. You are doing great Marty - just keep staying calm. You are going to get through this just fine. I know it is very nerve wracking, but you have done all your homework and I am sure you are very well prepared for this wonderful exhilerating event! ((((HUGS))) to you!!
Holly is a maiden, so she may not devolop a bag. Pressing her butt up against the wall relieves some pressure, especilly when she is feeling huge and tired... I also read that frequent yawning and rubbing themselves on things may be a clue. Her vulva area should start looking looser, like an old baggy suit. But she is a maiden. Of course none of mine have ever read the boks or followed the rules!

May the angels surround both you and Holly!
Morning Marty dear. How is Holly and how is your back!? She sounds like she is getting pretty close. Maidens will drive you mad. Prayers a comin!
Holly is a maiden, so she may not devolop a bag
Whew...concidering myself lucky then, as all of my horses, big and small, maiden ot not...have bagged-up.

Now, I know, not to be worried about such a thing happening. What do they do then...bag-up as they are foaling, or what?
Good Morning Marty...any news?? How did you sleep last night? I just bet Holly had a nice peaceful night and slept quit well! I'll be thinking of you today,so keep us informed! Corinne
Sue I have had many maidens foal and never one without a bag. I have had mares not really "bagged up" fully, and I have had mares whose milk was not through, but the only mare I have ever had foal without a bag was an "every year" seasoned mare who took it into her head to have a foal NINE weeks early!! Even then, bless her, the milk was through in just over a day!! It all depends, I have learned, on how you define "bagged up". For example, all my mares start building their bags from Christmas to February, including my Oops, first time 2 yr old- it was how I realised she was in foal. Even so, she had little bag and no real available milk when she foaled. Foal didn't suck anyway and it was three days before I got them properly going. Marty, calm down, BUT make sure your Vet has Domperidome to hand, just in case. Also make sure he has Foal Lac, or access to Goats milk. Better to have all the ducks in a row and ready to fly, then not need them, than to be trying to line this stuff up at 2 am!!
Ok Marty....your audience is waiting to hear from you.

As I was reading your posts I kept thinking of the old time movies where it showed the expectant father frantically pacing the waiting room floor.

Have you bought cigars yet?

Give Holly an extra hug from me.
Morning Marty,

Hang in there you are doing fine. You have her on the camera and watching her and with a maiden mare that is your best resource. In 2 years I have had 3 maidens, none who developed a bag until after foaling and none showed ALL the signs of foaling.

You have many many more years of horse experience than I do. You just have to trust yourself, and you should, you are very knowledgable. Holly needs for you to trust yourself. If you experience any problems what so ever you will be amazed at how the instincts just kick in, or in less than a second you remember what someone said here on the forum that will help you out.

If someone told me in advance, you will have a red bag delivery and you have to do it, I would say there is no way!
But when it happened with Rosie this year, somehow all the things I had read here kicked in and I think I did it close to right, and all is fine with her and baby.

Holly's little baby is fine, just out of room to keep those legs a kickin, and it will be that way until it arrives. The baby too may be repositioning itself and that is what has made Holly act different.

You are doing great! Know we are all here for support and keep us up to date!
I just wanted to add that my mare who was due July 20 (11 months) foaled June 26 at 310 days gestation. But she had been developing a bag for some weeks before foaling, so I figured she would foal early.

I've NEVER had a full term mare foal without a bag and I've been delivering miniature foals since the early 90's. A few didn't appear to have colostrum until foaling (ie, thin, watery milk) but all had a bag. I consider a mare to be 'bagging up' when there are ANY changes to her udder at all. Some can be very subtle, but I check bags at least twice a day on a close to foaling mare, so I can recognize any changes. Holly may not get a 'jersey cow' bag, but I would bet she will have a bag before she foals.

Hang in there! We can't wait to hear all about little Fetus!
Jane is right Marty...get some Domperidone to have on hand...Holly has been on fescue if you live in East Tennessee whether you think your hay is okay or her alfalfa hay will help her milk production..does she have fullness in the ventral area in front of her bag? My maiden mare this year waited until 3 days before she delivered to get any sort of bag but the colostrum absorption was low in the foal when checked also...but this is also not totally uncommon in maiden mares....What she is doing is typical of mares trying to get that "Fetus" in position...sounds like you have a way to go..I had two mares go over 346 days this year...both okay but long wait...The Domperidone (not a wine) is a paste and can be saved til next year if you don't need it..Do you have the book "Complete Book of Foaling? PM me if you need anything that I can bring you...I'm not too far.

If this baby comes and you don't have colostrum available and need it I can get it get it to you...Not trying to scare you but just being cautious...
Hoping all is well with Holly this morning, and that YOU, Marty, are still mobile after sleeping in the barn!
My thoughts are with you, I feel certain that all will be well. Hang in there!

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