OVER 100° heat index in NOrthern Michigan?

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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
First time in my history there's bee over 100° heat index with high humidity code red for breathing here!

I'm worried about the animals but have it all planned with frozen ice water jugs for water troughs, and hose at the ready! ALSO we have to go ride our pontoon on the waterway for our compnay today! ABout 20miles worth, half of it..if I feel too ill I will have to ask to come home!

Please all in the Great Lakes area check about this in case you didn't hear of it..advisory is noon to 8PM..what the heck is happening to our weather ?

Hope your day is happy, healthy and Blessed, Maxine
HI, Where are you in Michigan? We are about 45 min from the UP, and about 25 from Menominee, Mi. and its just as miserable here. I did see on the news last night where they were predicting some storms /rain for the UP. We're really dry, even with the rain that we finally got last week. If you ever get down my way stop over...mini tak is always flowing, and friends are usually over! Corinne
We're just south of the bridge on Lake Huron side Cheboygan. Isn't this the pitts? And I don't mean Brad
We are in central Wisconsin here and it is miserable too---we have not had such a hot summer since i can remember.....global warming? whatever, please give me temps in the 60s! LOL jennifer
We're not as high up on the map as you guys are (southern NJ) but I can surely relate to your weather woes. We've only had a couple of breaks in the humidity/heat index this past summer...we've been up in the 106 range and still hanging on!
It's purely miserable....cannot do anything with my horses but just let them sit and be pasture potatoes , as I don't want to risk heat related illnesses. This summer stinks!!! I really need to get out there and re-clip Hershee because of potential upcoming shows...but I'm also trying to talk myself out of it as well. Just step outside and the sweat is literally dripping off you and running down from your hair/.head ...yuck!!!! I could kiss the person who invented air-conditioning right about now.

Oh and now we're in the dog-days of August.....niiiiiice!!!
Hey, you guys had better cool down before the 18th!! I will be taking a long weekend break up near Alpena and I want cool weather!!