Our first 2008 foal has arrived!

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Oct 20, 2006
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Been waiting on this mare for a while now.. she is 2 days short of being 3 weeks over due... and finally she popped it out last night!

We've had some real fun yesterday... just before sorting out teas spirit got his head stuck in the sheep hurdles and took off.. with not 1.. but 4! thankfully he didn't panicked and froze while we all got him free... but this left the girls and boys in the same field and Piper... my heavily pregnent mare was flying round the field at 100mph!

Left them in the evening as had to drop the helpers home. Just after i'd finish tea at 9pm i got a phone call from yard owner saying' quick, get in your car and get down here the colour mare is foaling'

Easily and quick birth and she clensed quickly and he was up and looking for the milk bar, however it was soon apparent all was not well with Piper as she started going down and looking very colicky.

Vet came out and gave her painkillers & muscle relaxant and she soon perked up but still a very tired little mare so once we were happy at 1pm we left them to settle for the night, went out and check them a few times in the night and both were fine.

This morning both fine, i may need armoured plating as Piper is a tad foal proud but just taking it slow at her pace... she isn't too bad once i've got hold of her and she relises no-one is going to hurt him, just the intial reaction when you go in the stable.

He's called Calekio As If By Magic

Minutes old..


How do i work these things..


Mummy may not be feeling well but i still know how to get what i want!




I love solid blacks!! Congrats on your baby....I am of course up waiting for my mare to foal
2nd night for no sleep.......

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