Our first 2 donkey foals of the year

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Aug 24, 2004
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Rockford, IL
Wanted to introduce our first 2 donkey foals of the year. First born March 22. A very dark brown boy with black cross. Kids named him Mr Tucket. The second born last night. A super tiny light brown girl with splash of white on her head. No name yet, any suggestions would be appreciated. I have never seen such a small donkey but her momma is only about 30 inches. She is also the first donkey we have had that has a dark muzzle. Most have had the light muzzle. Thanks for letting us share. Traci and Family

Mr. Tucket


Unnamed girl

Awww, they are adorable!! Your baby girl is just the sweetest! How about Too Cute to Take or Too Cute To Handle. Cause she really is just "too cute". lol. I love the name Delilah for a donkey. Hubby wouldn't go for that when his little girl was born so she is Lily Sunrise. Anyways, thanks for sharing and good luck with a name.
Mr Tucket is so cute
: Love his color !

Your little girly is adorable too

She looks like a "Tinkerbelle" to me

Tucket & Tinkerbelle
Is the dark momma Carol? They are just darling and I think Tinkerbell would be a super name, it's just plain cute. (I'm going to remember that one
: ). Congratulations!
[SIZE=12pt]OHHH ,Are they precious
: I think Tinkerbell is cute for your darling little girl too. YUP~~ Tucket & Tinkerbelle, they sound so cute together. Corinne

they are both adorable!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my Mary Lou is actually pregnant!! She sure looks it!!!

Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

Cute! I'd love to have a dark points donkey. I just don't think Kilroy wants any other donkeys around me. :no:
I love the name Mr. Tucket!
Very sweet little babies and I'm glad the special event wen't so well.

Your babies are both just darling! I also like the names Tucket & Tinkerbelle!

The little jenny really does look very tiny!

Congratulations on 2 precious babies!!

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