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Feb 3, 2004
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Whos all planning on attending the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon. Its the end of August and spans over an entire week.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a class list or some info on entering...? I'm going to try and take Tango, although its not a done deal yet.

Thanks, Erin
We're going -- Mingus and I are going down for AMHR over gelding halter classes on Tuesday, and Keith has Wednesday off to come down and do liberty.
Thanks for the link, Susanne. Now I am thinking of going...HMMMM, must be going through Horse Show withdrawals ALREADY!!!

Must be addicted...

The big drawback for me, is to have to get a vet certificate. That is an additional expense, for sure.
I'm in a similar boat Amy. Tango was gelded two weeks ago today and I haven't had his registration papers changed to say Gelding. Actually the vet was outta town, so she was suppose to sign the certificate saying he'd been gelded and then mail them to me...going to call now and see if shes ready to send them off.

Also, He goes from temp to perm next month. I was going to update his papers and change them to gelding at the same time, but now I might have to just do the gelding so I can actually show him in gelding classes at State.

EEKK! Talk about confusing and stressful, LOL!

Hope to see you all there! Erin

Go ahead and enter, and get the entries in, as a gelding. Make a note that he has been gelded and you will have the paperwork to prove that once you arrive. Then make sure you have sent in your stuff to the registries and call them in a few days to be sure they have processed and returned your paperwork, explaining you have a show to attend and need the papers changed. AMHA may be particularly hard to get things done quickly as I just got my filly's registration papers July 18 or so and I had sent them in in April. They were in the office on May 4!~ It took them a LONG TIME to get to them. It was not a rush thing for me, though, so I didn't bug 'em about it. I do enough asking for a bit of a hurry along now and then, so I figured I would cut them a break. They are good to help out, though, when you ask. AMHR, too.

Yes, Amy, we go every year!



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