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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
Tow years ago we got some worms I am thinking they came from the birds that drank from the water tub. When I would dump the water to scrub it there were small about 1/4-3/8" long. The only way I could get rid of the worms out of the water tub was to pour bleach directly on them. The Emu got them and died because you can not worm an emu. The goat would lick on the rabbits salt through the wire and the rabbits would get them and the worms would be lining the water dish and the rabbits would look like death warmed over. We used Safe-Guard to worm the rabbits and we would clean the water dishes. Last year I found the worms in the water tub for the horses. I keep my horses wormed. But, I have never had these little worms in any of my water tanks so I was wondering if anyone knew what kind worms they were and if they are going to hurt my horses. Like I said I keep the horses wormed.
Are you sure they aren't misquito larva? They sound really icky whatever they are.
I for got to say that these worms were about the length of a masquito larva but they are clear and very thread like and crawl on the sides and bottom of the water tub. In the case of the rabbits they were on the sides and bottom of the glass bowl. The only rabbits affected were the ones the goat could reach their salt blocks. You couldn't just pour out the water and have them be gone. You had to bleach even the glass bowls for the rabbits. There was NEVER any buildup of algie in the rabbit bowls but you know how a horse water tub can get in 1 week in the summer. I use a new toilet brush to clean the horses water tub about once a week.

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