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Nov 30, 2002
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I keep having the same crazy dream at night - my mare gives birth to and elephant or giraffe - it varries) I have a mare Im waiting on at the moment, her due date was 25/09 she has quarter of a tank, bright as a button and is not looking the least bit worried about getting down to the business end of this baby for as long as possible, she is the size of a small building, affectionately known as Dawnapotums.. I have had no mares go over due alway early, early I can cope with (to a point) but how long can they hold out?
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First obvious question- are you certain of the due date?? When was she covered last?? BUT yes she could easily go 12 months and have no problems at all.
Yes definate on dates, only served one cycle then scanned at 21 days. Due date taken from the last day of breeding 29/10/04. I have heard of them going 12 months but that freaks me out..

I think I may loose my marbles before she foals...
one of my mares go 297 on an average and all is fine with them, needless to say it never gets easier for me!
If you haven't seen the few threads in years past, I just wanted to let you know that some breeders waited & waited & waited & their mares were not pregnant. Not saying that is your case but it has happened....... If you are sure, then happy mare stare. Best of luck to ya!
[SIZE=14pt]My Howie was a 377 day baby. dont worry.[/SIZE]

Nope theres something in there, have felt movment since about 6 months..

377 days.... I will have gone mad by then...
Isn't it maddening that the mommas just calmly go on with life, eating, dosing.....

An there we are, running outside at all hours, checking and rechecking our calendars, calling vets, checking bags...all frazzled!!! They are probably thoroughly enjoying our stress. Hang in there! Linda
Hate to tell you, but 12 months is not that uncommon for gestation this day and age.....

Does she have a bag with liquid you can get from her? At this point that is your best bet for estimating.

Not fluid that im aware of but with her last foal the day you could get a drop she foaled. She isn't at home, I work full time so she has gone to a stud to be foaled where she can be monitored 24/7. Im not sure whats worse checking the mare at all hours of the night or waiting for the phone call. The thing is its the first foal for us by our stallion purchased last year, He has one filly on the ground for his old owner but will be the first for us, so Im going a little mad..
I had a 12 monther this season - they look like they are going to burst. (all that I have that go this long turn out to be colts - maybe just a coincidence!)
Quite often colts are carried longer -- you know how ornery those boys can be!

I have a mare right at a year and if she isn't pregnant, well she'll burst quite soon
Victoria, Dawn has decided to skip the weanling stage and give birth to a yearling!
The first question was she hand breed or pasture breed? If pasture breed - like my Chicka then the due date may be off. When I purchased Chicka the owners gave me a due date. However it was way off. Nothing dishonest or anything. Chicka and Hawk were both in Florida during the 3 hurricanes and she did not catch until much later. So after alot of is she preg or not. She finally gave birth to my handsome Falcon. So just hang in there and you will be a new grandmother soon.
She was hand served. I kind of wish she'd bred for 2 cycles now... then I could at least go "oh she foaling to the second cycle" to make myself feel better..

Hayley, I just thought tonight this child will be born with all its baby teeth by the time dawns done with cooking it.. still nothing tonight..... Yawn...
[We had a mare go 12 months and 5 days. HE tried to stand up before he was all the way out of the mare. She just didn't want to turn him loose.

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