Okay I know nothing of Shetlands, but saw one I

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Feb 13, 2004
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I want to know what you do with them and can kids ride them, cart pull with them? what height are most of them? Are they like AMHR do they have classes like A-B? I found one I just love and think is beautiful, but I know nothing of the breed or shows or anything about them. We have minis and I have had Quarter Horses my whole life so this is so new to me. I wouldn't mind having one that my kids could eventually ride. Do they go by hands or inches like mini's? Thanks for the info sorry if these are dumb questions.
What can't you do with them is the better question
yes you can ride them yes you can show them (that is more complicated so I will let some of the shetland experts explain) they come in a fair range of size and many are under 38 and can be double registered as mini's (giving even more showing options).......my first "horse" was a shetland gelding who must have been about 38-40 inches he was a smart begger and if not supervised by adults he would come up with creative ways to prevent me from riding him
....I worked for a number of years on a pony farm we had all types of ponies and some of our best small ponies were shetlands....just like the full sized horses and the mini's some ponies are more suited to children than others.......welcome to the wonderful world of ponies
Lewella has been great help to me explaining the different shetlands etc. I had bought a modern shetland and didnt even know the difference lol. Our shetland is broke to drive and ride and we show her in liberty and youth halter. She is 46" which is the maximum height for a shetland. Patches is a divison B as she has Hackney blood. Then there are also classic shetlands. It explains it really well on the amhr site too
I would like to know the difference in classic and modern? Which one is better? I don't want one that is going to be really "hot" if you know what I mean. I have kids that are comfortable around the mini's (they saw me thrown from my "big" horse a couple years ago). They have been a bit scared to get on a horse since my accident and have loved the mini's but they still have the desire to want to ride. I wouldn't want one taller than like 12-13 hands.. not sure the inches on that. Thanks for the input everyone!
Then for sure you want a classic shetland! The moderns are hotter. Patches is not as hot as most moderns but she was alot for my son to handle the first year. As hes matured though they are a perfect pair. I think but i could be wrong that 12 h is bigger than 46 inches. You should have no problem finding a nice classic in that size for your kids. I would recommend a gelding

[SIZE=14pt]Well you have classics, foundation seal classics, moderns, modern pleasure and show ponies. The classics and moderns show in divided classes 42 inches and under and the 42 to 46 for over and over 46 is the show pony. The moderns have hackney blood close up and most are identified with a B designation if they have hackney in the third or closer generation. Foundations are usually the smallest of the classics..... I have six that are foundation certified , double registered as minis..... one is only 35 inches tall, and one is going to be under 34 at ,maturity. The biggest is 38. You show classics just like you do minis. Moderns are the "hottest" usually. They show with a longer foot and also shod usually. In modern halter you show with two handlers one at the ponys head and one tailer usually with a whip behing the pony. There is rail work required in that class. They are all awesome to drive. At the Delaware shows they have the same in hand classes like obstacle and hunter for the classics as well. Tons of fun just a little taller.[/SIZE]


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