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Jan 26, 2004
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Ok Deb, It's 1:17 am and we're starving over here! Gimme a break and give me a dinner idea for Saturday! Gonna be cleaning the mama/foal lot and barn, so anything fast and delicious will do!
I had that problem last weekend. I was so sore and tired and didn't the menfolk want dinner of all things. SHEESH!

SO..this is what I did:

I had taken some cube stks out to thaw and got the YUK look from them so I cut them up and sauteed them in butter, seasoning salt and caesar dressing just til brown on the outside, added a can of Hunts 4 cheese spagetti sauce and 1/2 a pkg of that velveeta cheese you get in the Velveeta mac n cheese box, stirred it up and let it simmer about 15 mins or so, add a bit of sugar to the sauce too.

IN the mean time I found some weird thick wavy spagetti type macaroni Bob had brought home from a client
I had never used and cooked it in water and caesar dressing til aldente. Threw it all together and said HERE!

They loved it, sigh. I had to admit it wasn't half bad, kinda yummy actually. I'd serve it to company but would NEVER tell the recipe.

Hope this helps Lisa.
Ahhh, Deb, I just got in the house at 10 pm, after starting at 10 this am. Ended up with Mc D's tonite, though I will try that recipe for tomorrow or Monday! Sounds yummy
And thank you!! I can always count on you for something good to make for dinner!

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