Oh Dear, they got another mule

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Nov 30, 2002
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Here it is.....they dun got them another mule that looks horrible. I don't know why, but they let this one out on the grass with somebody's horse, (not theirs) but yet the other two are sill in the woods with nothing.

I take that back.....on 4th of July, I noticed that they had finally rolled my rolled bail of hay in there and it was completely brown and moldy due to the rain, and the mules were "thumbing through it".....and had it scattered all over the place.

I then was behind them in line at the Farmer's Co-op and they were buying 1 bag of cow feed for $4.65 I assume for the mule since they don't have any cattle. What next? I have no idea. Gee whiz.

Hard to see, I was on the road but the new starving mule is on the left with some horse that is on the right that looks really good. He doesn't look so bad like the others, but this one does have his back bone sticking up and his ribs are showing a lot.

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