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Nov 18, 2004
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Northwest California
I’m off to the Central Point show in Oregon. Only as a spectator but its fun to watch.

I know I will be looking for a few of the forum members too.
Hi Jo!

Liz, Kenny, Brandon, and Colton are there from Raftered hearts.If you see a couple of babies and a couple teenagers running around, that would be them. The other red RED RED haired teenage girl is my daughter Hilary, she is there to help and have fun!

Stop and say "Hi! " to them!!!

Brianna, "Jeffie", and I are leaving this afternoon too! Will be there til Sunday morning.

I'm so jealous! I'd love to finally meet you in person, JoAnn...I could really use a Maryann and Brianna fix!...and I can never get enough of Liz and company (add Hillary to that equation).

Plus this sounds like a great show!

But, alas, I'm a musician this weekend. Keith and I are playing for a big private party...guess I'll have to satisfy myself with playing music for a fun, appreciative audience, good money, and all the food and beer we can consume...but darn, I still want to be at this show!

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