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Feb 27, 2007
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New Hampshire
I am re-posting this from another thread because I wanted to thank all those who participated in this drive over the weekend at our Dighton, MA 2 day show, and challenge other mini clubs in the area to do the same!

We are very pleased and proud to announce that NMHC made a huge effort through raffles, donation buckets, and some other creative programs spearheaded by our youth, and we were able to raise more than $200 over the weekend. Thank you to everyone at the show who contributed to help Linda Best (Fred on the Forum) and her family.

And - Our Board of Directors has voted to match this amount, so we will be sending a check to RIBBONS FOR LINDA for around $400.

Makayla, perhaps you can update everyone on the benefit show you have planned and also let us know how the fundraising is going.

It is truly wonderful to see how our mini 'community' pulls together when asked.

Cindy Moses, President

Northeast Miniature Horse Club
Cindy, That is a great thing you did and I hope that other clubs will meet your challenge. Linda is a great friend to many and loves her horses. This will mean so much to her and her family.
Hi Everyone! I am sure Mikayla will add to this but I thought I would share what I know. There is a benefit show planned for Linda. It is to be held at River Gait Equestrian Center in Haverhill, MA on September 13th. There is a very diverse class list which will be available very soon, including halter and performance classes, as well as some fun classes. Class fees are very reasonable($8 per class I believe) and there are no post entry fees. There will be ribbons and practical prizes, and some trophies. There will also be some raffles and a silent auction might also be in the works.

We are hoping that everyone can support this effort by bring their horses to show. We hope that it will draw a diverse group of people and horses, weather it be a national champion or just a beloved pet who may never have shown before. Please come and show, enjoy it, enjoy the company, meet new people, visit with old friends, and remember the cause.

If you would like to donate to the show(especially practical prizes and/or raffle or auction items) please contact Mikayla or Sue Carpenter. Mikayla is a youth member here on the forum who has done much of the foot work, and advertising for this project.

September 13th! Mark your calendars!
How about some contact info ie. email addys..I would be delighted to donate some of the things I make for a raffle if you wish and even a few horse pendants for the youth winners. Let me know!
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