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Mar 7, 2005
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Southside, VA
These are with the larger, better balanced cart. One thing I want to note is that I made some adjustments to the breast collar and then did a couple turns around. You will notice that in some of the pictures, it has slid down way too low. We stopped and adjusted several times. The change I made was to pull the strap back and attach it with a small strap to the terret. I expected to have to lengthen the the straps but in fact had to raise it several times to get it into the correct position.

Once again, this is at the start of our drive. With the temperatures in the high 90s and humidity in the 80s+, I have not been working the horses until after 8. When we get back, it is too dark for pictures.








Cindy he looks a lot happier BUT the breast collar needs to be higher
Oh, dear we'll get it right in the end, won't we!! is there any way of adjusting the shaft lengths or does this cart have to do a bigger horse as well???
I like the way this cart sits better...but the shafts are definitely too far forward. Another thing to do to get it to fit where it should is get trace extenders for your traces--they are short straps that buckle onto your traces, allowing the horse to be further forward.

Also, the breastcollar is far too low! In most pictures, it is either on or below the point of the shouldn't be in either place; it should be above the point of the shoulder. This is a serious no-no, below interferes with your horse's stride and ability to pull and move, while on the point can injure the horse's shoulder and the nerves that run right there.

If at all possible, punch holes if you need too, but it should fit above the point of the shoulder and below the windpipe where it comes out of the chest. When you harness, pull the breastcollar where it would sit when in draft, then place your hands on the sides of the breastcollar, right where his shoulders are. Now move to just below the breastcollar, you should be able to feel the prominent points of his shoulders--the breastcollar should be above them when it rides normally. Then feel for his windpipe, it should come out just above the middle of the breastcollar.

The breeching, however, fits much better!

You said this cart is easier to balance? It looks like it should be right on the point of floating--is it?

The main thing with this cart is that it and the harness don't go together--the shafts are too long for the traces, and the traces are too short for the shafts.

Hey, you're getting closer, LOL! I am constantly readjusting harness, since mine is currently used on three horses(ok, two of them are almost exactly the same in everything) and mulitple carts.
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He is my largest. The shaft length is why I was trying the smaller cart. I guess they could be adjusted as he is my largest horse at 36 inches. This cart balances easily even with two of us in it.

I finally got the collar adjusted up where it would STAY up by the end of the drive. It took several adjustments as you can see from the progression of the pictures, it would start in the right place and then slide down in a few minutes. I am going to look into replacing it and getting one of the shaped ones.

How can you adjust the shafts? I really like this cart. It is much more comfortable and has a lot more room for feet.
Take off the rubber stoppers....go and get a man (it's easier
) apply man and saw to end of shafts...send man away...put rubber stoppers back on.....Voila!!!
Finding a man that will work is a whole other thread.
I thought once about putting a personal ad in for a man with power tools but then I thought someone might take it the wrong way.
Where's the wolf whistle icon when you need it?

Seriously though, if you can't take off the shaft ends, get(or make) trace extenders--they'll be a strap that has a buckle on one end and a slot(for the singletree) on the other. You buckle it on using the last slot on the trace as a buckle hole and voila, instant added length. Or, just get a nice new breastcollar and traces, since that breastcollar doesn't seem to be working too great.
Thanks to everyone who has had suggestions. I am going to try to find.. or make? trace extenders. Of course, if I can't I guess I have a great excuse to buy a new harness from Ozark.
All of the help and advice is greatly appreciated. You have given me much to think about and work on and hopefully the next set of pictures will have all the adjustments made and Rambo in a much better frame.

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