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Nov 22, 2019
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Washington State
Hey all! I have some questions about fitting a harness when first attaching to the cart. As some may remember from a bit ago, I’ve been training a mini named Rebel to drive! I’ve been ground driving her for some months now, and she’s been taking everything in stride and she hasn’t had any issues at all. She responds to all vocal cues, she’s dragged around the travois I made, and can be ground driven outside without a care. I think now I can safely introduce her to the cart :)

My question is, how exactly do you fit a harness once it’s attached to the cart? I have her back strap, breaching, breast collar, and saddle pretty much fit, but It’s been quite some time since I fit for attaching to the cart. What exactly do you look for for fitting the traces, wrap straps, stirrups, and breaching to the cart? Do you have any tips or pictures?

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