New foal alert from our "OPEN " mare

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Dec 18, 2002
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Another pretty, healthy colt born here! He is out of a black snowcap appy mare, Joy, and Flash our blk blanketed appy stud. And he is Black, Surprise, LOL! But Im not worried with a homozygous dam he will color up one of these days. He is beautiful with a pedigree full of appys and some national champions. Joy was not supposed to be pregnant as she was vet checked open late last october, boy am I glad the vet was wrong!!!!! She kept getting bigger and bigger but I really didnt believe it till she got milk. I love my equipage but the battery went dead between about 9am when it went off as she scratched and 7:45 pm when she foaled. I was busy feeding horses and Paul luckily was feeding the goats and saw Joy go down and got me. We had yet another foal presenting with only 1 front leg and the head. With lots of pulling we got him and yep the other front leg was up over the top of his neck like so many others we have had born this year. He was born at 7:45pm july 18th. And another strange thing was I was SUPPOSED to be at the airport picking up a dog at that time. The night before I called and got a friend to go in my place because I was not sure Paul would be home in time to watch her. Turns out its a good thing I didnt go. Im really learning to listen to that inner voice.




Well, that is just a cutie, and what a lovely mare!

Just a heads up on some very nice appy stuff I have seen this year, take a good look at a couple of young appy fillies from Mountain Meadows Miniatures and also I saw an amazing black/white appy filly at Sundance LB. If you are looking to get some really nice future broodmares into your band, with some showing potential before that!
Congrats! I think any color would have been okay, since he is out of an "open" mare, LOL!
Well little Opie looks perfect.....
seeing as he was not expected his Mom was "Open for Business". Just kidding but he's adorable.

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