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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
Our web site was over 4 years old,,,,,,,,so I just dumped the silly thing and started all over.

If you could take a few minutes and visit it and let me know what you think, ideas.

I want you to know that what I am going for is: simple, easy to use, clear, clean and crisp looking. I don't like it so much when there is so much going on you can't see one thing, for all the million things given to you to look at.

Please remember I have just started, have much to do and most important,,,,,,,,,WILL BE ADDING ALL NEW PICTURES SOON!!!!!!

There will be no music.

Ideas, suggestions,,,,,,,,,,honest ones at that!

Thanks for your time.

If this link does not work, try the one in my signature. I also have a new address for my site.

My Webpage
I like it really well.

You do need to get a "title" on your web pages (rather than "index" at the top.) will help your search engine ranking and it also looks more polished if it says something like "Valley View Miniature Horses" or "Welcome to Valley View Miniatures"

or even..."Sales Page" "Stallions of Valley View" that kind of thing.

I would definitely advise better pictures of your pretty horses. I think you can get away with a LOT with nice, clean, crisp pictures of the horses well-groomed and standing attractively with a pleasant background.

Doesn't have to be "pro" pics, but the extra effort towards this shows a care that will last year-round when the horses are out in their woolies...

Love the green/yellow it stands out to me!

I agree with nootka, and yes, the best pics you can get. If you dont have professionals, then make sure you are using clear ones that show your horses off, not just a picture. Make sure you use a really critical eye before you post a pic- different angles of pics may make a head look big when it's not, or a rear look wierd when it's not, etc.... If you are not sure, have a second person view your pics, even via email, and pick it to pieces on conformation.

Just edited to add, I also like the green and the contrast with the colorful horses and the grass, etc....

The site is simple and nice, and easy to maneuver.
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Love the color! I would add the index page tabs closer to the top or something. I don't think people want to scroll down to have to get to a page. JMO though.
And put your contact info at the bottom. Looks more proffessional that way. I would also add tabs in the headers so people aren't directed back to the home page each time they want to view a new page.

Definately get some nice pics to match that great layout! Good job!
Congrats -- you have a good start and others have posted good comments
I think it has a nice crisp look.

Easy to read.

But I have to agree the pictures don't show how nice the horses really are.

And you need to make links to go to the differnt pages as opposed to always returning to the home page.
I also Agree with everyone else here. I don't know if this was what you were after, but your pages don't center on my screen.

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