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Nov 30, 2002
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Marlow, OK
Next year, I'll be showing a mare in driving, probably single pleasure. Our local shows no longer seem to have that many entries in driving, so I'm considering taking my mare out of state to show. She'll have just 2006 to show, as she'll be retired to have babies after that. I need to find some AMHA shows in AR, TX, KS or MO that have a decent number of driving entries. Can anyone tell me the locations and approximate months of some shows with driving entries?
Well I can tell you about the established shows we have gone to in this area,

there is the Purcell, Oklahoma shows in April, May, June and July I think, we didn't make any of those this year

then the Claremore, Oklahoma shows in May and June

we attended a new one in Murfreesboro, Tenn in May

DuQuoin, Illinois in July

Searcy, Arkansas in May

I'm not sure when they post them to the AMHR website each year but it is early spring I believe. You can go there next spring and look to pick some shows out. Would love to see you at some of the above since some of those are what we attend. I don't have any AMHA show listings.
I actually intend to stick with AMHA shows only, although I do have a filly I want to show next year that may be too tall for her age for AMHA. So, we may be at some R shows after all. Thanks for the info! I'm not sure I want to compete against you and Erica, though.

I went to AMHA's site, and looked up the show results and they list the number of entries in each class. Now I have something to go on.
I don't have entry statistics, but there are several AMHA shows in Glen Rose (just south of Ft Worth) and the January show in Ft Worth in conjunction with the Livestock show.


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