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Dec 6, 2002
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I would appreciate any help you could give me. I am looking for the registered name of the following horse. His name is believed to be "Prince Charming". His recent owner was Wendy Marie Deinzer at 1228 N. Mc Kinley Road... Clayton Twp.. Michigan. Hopefully this horse has been registered and could possibly be transfered. Wendy may have been a member of a AMHA or AMHR state club. Picture enclosed. He may have a stripe down his back.

We are trying to find the breeder hopefully someone will recognize this horse or the name.

Is this a stallion or gelding and do you have an age on him?
He is a stallion. The vet thinks he is 10 - 12 years old. She was told that the horse was registered at one time. He had papers, but I'm not sure if they were transfered into the previous owner's name, Wendy Marie Deinzer at 1228 N. Mc Kinley Road... Clayton Twp.. Michigan. Thanks in advance for your help!!
Oops, I thought she had mentioned that the pic was not resized correctly- it appears the height was reduced, but not the length...
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I'm going to PM you the name of the AMHR club here in Michigan. I don't recognize the horse or owner's name, but there are a lot of black horses out there.

Good luck!
You did say you thought his name was "Prince Charming". I have seen a dark colored horse on Dream Horse by that name. He was in CA. I just checked and he seems to no longer be there.
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Hey all.

I'm the person that screwed up the resizing. Just learning how to work with my new program. He looked to be a very nice horse. I will try and re do and get it to Christina. Sorry about that...

[SIZE=12pt]Tried to re edit. The picture was not sent as a straight on. It looks to be placed at a slant when someone took the picture before sending it to Christina.[/SIZE]

There is really no way to fix that. If you will look at the placement of the front leg then go up to where the neck ends and the back begins it won't be too long in the back.

Also, please remember that this horse was taken out of a horrible situation and will look down and depressed and not be holding his head right. This picture was not posted to critique but to possibly find out if he was papered. Please let's find out all we can about this horse. Thanks for any help you could give Christina and her friend.
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I have been searching and looking with no luck to help you out. I will continue to try for you.
Thanks so much for everyone's help!!!

Connie, thank you for searching. Maybe we could identify him by the previous owner's name? He may be black or he may be grulla with the stripe...they aren't sure. I have a little more info that I'll pm to you....not sure if it will help, but I'll give it a try.

Ruffian - I also emailed Jim - Thanks!

Thanks so much for everyone's help!!!
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