National Area 5 Show June 10-12, 2005

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Karen S

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Dec 10, 2002
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Hi to All,

Just a reminder that if you are planning on attending the ASPC/AMHR National Area 5 show on June 10-12, 2005 and you haven't mailed your entries you still have time.

We are getting phone calls that people are wanting to enter but think they can't since the deadline was May 9th (confusion there as we are printing a show program book) for if you wanted to be in the program we needed your entries by May 9th.

We are still accepting entries and even late entries, so if you had planned on coming and thought you couldn't please contact our show manager:

Lea Dill


3590 Baker Road

Walworth, NY 14568-9731

Email: [email protected]

There are lots of fun things planned for this show and since it's hot in June, we will be showing in the air-condition arena with plenty of seating for all.

So, come join in the fun, hope to see you there!

Karen Shaw

Show Committee Chairman

ASPC/AMHR National Area 5 Show

Email: [email protected]
I called about the show too, did not know the premium was sent earlier in the year and did not know all three shows were combined. Either I didn't get it, or didn't open it thinking it was something else! (Or opened it and forgot about what it was)

I called Lea and she sent it to me but when looking last night also saw the date May 9 and no post entries on it! Good thing I on looked here today, was going to call her but just figured I missed the show cut off and would miss the show.

I wonder if late fees will apply? What are the late fees? Wonder if it can be faxed, looks like she said it needs to go to ASPC? Or did she mean ASAP?

One more cup of coffee ought to do it tho..........


Hi Mizbeth,

I spoke with Lea this morning and she told me you had called her (11pm EST) but didn't leave a message. Please call her today and she will take your information. No late fees will be applied.

Karen Shaw

Show Committee Chair

ASPC/AMHR National Area V Show
Will do!

Yea I did not notice the time CST until after I placed the call, gee it had just gotten dark! And then realized she was in NY...........and thought gee I hope I did not wake her.

Thanks am calling now.


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